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Dear Diary,

This morning I got up for the gym again (went yesterday after not going for awhile) and I pedaled a bike for 50 minutes while reading. Tomorrow I plan to do the step class and Friday morning I'll do maybe a treadmill or something. I'm trying to inject as much variety as possible, you know. Yesterday I finally asked one of the gym people I sort of chat with a little what his name is, and it's Ron. Yay, an official acquaintance! I figure I'll discover the gym regulars' names one by one and will worm my way into their hearts and we'll be one big happy sweaty morning family.

Yesterday was a long day at work, and I didn't really get a lunch hour, so when I got home and there was soup and bread for dinner, plus a Liverpool game to watch on the Tivo, it was about the best thing ever. And seeing Liverpool beat PSV Eindhoven was just frosting on the cake, even though my secret boyfriend didn't play. I so love those Liverpool boys, and we've barely gotten any of their games on tv this season; it's very irritating.

I went to lunch today with a couple of the laydeez I work with, and it was pretty delicious but [as one of the AtomicFriends said--canNOT remember who] I'm starting to think I need to find a bathroom on another floor. See also: touchy bowels. Aggravating.

Eh, let's just stop there.




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