where did the gumball come from?


So, Joe Millionaire last night? What a fucking rip-off. I thought it was the last episode so I told Boy he could stay up until 10:00. There we were, suffering through the 90% recycled material, waiting for the payoff. Boy was victorious in his epic struggle to stay awake to the end of the show, and finally it was upon us. Gross Evan Fake Millionaire entered the room to tell those stupid women the truth, Boy and I held hands in anticipation, and then Nothing, NOTHING! If I didn't Have to know what happened when he told them, and what the supposed "surprising twist" is, I would quit watching now. But they've hooked me, the bastards. I can't not watch. I am vexed, let me tell you. I don't think the twist could be that he's really a millionaire, it's too implausible. Because either he's a millionaire and is really good at acting like a poor, uncultured boob, or he IS a poor uncultured boob. That second thing seems far more likely. So this twist--anyone have a guess as to what it is? Are the producers giving the "winning" girl a million dollars so that money won't matter? Anyone?

I finally got someone to listen to me about Boy's devil breath. I'm not sure that I've specifically talked about this, but a couple years ago, I noticed the Boy had really vile breath, and when I mentioned it to his dentist she said it wasn't a dental problem, and to take him to this one specific pediatrician she knows. So I did (and also switched to this guy as Boy's primary care dr.), and he said Boy had infected adenoids. He gave Boy a course of antibiotics and the breath went away. Case closed, problem solved. Except that in December the breath came back. Francisco took Boy to the doctor and they said he had a virus--yeah, right. Last month when I took him in for his coughing they said he probably had a bacterial infection in his mouth, and that Boy should use Listerine strips. Instead we've made him rinse his mouth twice a day with Listerine proper, and it has done Nothing to fix the horrible breath. This morning I emailed the doctor we saw about this 2 years ago and explained that I was getting the big brush-off, and he wrote back and said to bring Boy to see him. So I made an appointment to see him next Tuesday, and hopefully we can get this thing fixed. It's a problem because 1) I know there is something wrong with him, and it can't be good for his health to have an ongoing bacterial infection, and 2) I seriously can't stand to be close to him, with this breath. It actually makes me gaggy; it's That bad. Especially in the morning. Can this relationship be saved?? Yes. Yes it can. We just need us some antibiotics.

Last night I tried to make a hat, using circular needles. This was my first experience using circular needles and joining the yarn (used long circular needles once to make a baby blanket, but there was no yarn joining with that), and it was awful. You're supposed to make sure the stitches don't get twisted, but it was impossible. I think the yarn I was trying to use is just extra twist-prone or something. I gave up after only half of the first row, because I knew the stitches were hopelessly twisted. I then went and ordered different yarn, because I made a hat this weekend without using circular needles, so I was getting more of the same yarn because my big plan now is to make the same hat, different color. Did I mention I'm making this hat for my sister's man? I promised a hat; I will deliver a hat. Although I don't think I can deliver the ear flaps, but we'll see.

Have you ever watched Trigger Happy TV? It's on Comedy Central and I watched it last night after Joe Millionaire, and that is one Funny show. I'm a total sucker for shows like that--where people humiliate themselves in public and film it. I love Jackass too, though that's a whole different thing from Trigger Happy TV. THT's stunts are more subtle, but both shows are good in their own way. See how judicious I am? A veritable Solomon.

Is it wrong that the TX Department of Corrections last meals page makes me hungry? I just feel that is very wrong. But so many people want fried chicken, and, mmmmm.....fried chicken. That's what I'd order too. Fried chicken, and cheese fondue with lots of french bread, and a half dozen frosted brownies, and fried oysters, and a reuben sandwich, and some of those graham-crackers with-frosting "cookies" my mom used to make when we were poor, and a shrimp melt, and some really good risotti, and bacon. And to drink? Diet coke. HA, just kidding. They don't let you have alcohol with the last meal, so I think I'd just drink water, because soda isn't something I like a lot. Unless it has a ton of caffeine in it, and I wouldn't want caffeine before I got executed, because I figure I'd be jittery enough already.

Yesterday much of my time was taken up with my boss's dad's funeral. The service itself only took a couple of hours, but a friend came into town for the funeral so there was lunching with him and another coworker before the funeral, and basically I didn't do much work yesterday. Lucky for me I don't have much to do right now, but all that will change in two weeks or less. We're gearing up for the busy season now, and as stressful as that is, I at least feel very productive during that time, and also the workdays go by quickly. So it will suck in most ways, but at least I won't feel like such a slacker anymore. Meh, it's a living.

Tonight I will: Make dinner (Gado Gado with rice and steamed broccoli), grocery shop, watch Buffy. I want to go to bed earlier tonight, because getting up this morning was Not Fun. I got up at 5:40 and did yoga, so it was harder than rolling out of bed at 6:40, but worth it. I need to really get in a routine with exercise, because my Big Plan (in brief) is to push most other projects aside for a few months and focus mainly on physical fitness and getting into shape. This is interesting only to me, so I won't go into more detail, but suffice it to say I've got a plan. I'm starting on Saturday--wish me luck. I have this book I'm trying to finish first, Sacred Contracts, and at this point I'm renting it, because I tried to renew it and couldn't, since there was a hold on it. The library guy let me take it back home, and now I've got library fines piling up by the day. It's a good book and I think it will be helpful to me in a lot of ways, because it basically teaches you to think about your actions and motives in a whole new (clearer) way. How could that be a bad thing?

Last night I dreamt I swallowed a whole (not chewed) 25 cent gumball and I woke up panicking. I was convinced for a few minutes that I'd swallowed it, but my throat and everything seemed okay, so I was cautiously optimistic. And then I truly woke up, at which point I visited the bathroom and thought about the sensation of swallowing a phantom gumball. Stupid dreams.

I just read my sister's latest entry and was amused because we said some similar things. I hope she gets some good sleep tonight and doesn't catch her man's illness. You hear me, Little Missy? No being sick!

That's all I have to report today.


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