I don't know why I'm writing an entry for today, since I don't have anything to tell you, but I wanted to say Happy Weekend to one and all. Tonight Sharky's going to indoor soccer and Francisco and I plan to have martinis and dinner and watch some of the good television Tivo Dennis recorded for us. There's a lot. Tomorrow Twyla and family are trekking over from Seattle for the weekend (or much of it anyway), and I hope Sonny hasn't seen results or highlights from yesterday's Boca Juniors/River Plate game, because it's one of the things Dennis picked up. This morning at the gym I had to quickly avert my eyes from the tv that's always tuned to ESPN when they started showing Boca/River highlights. They don't even show Major League Soccer highlights, but they're showing soccer highlights from Argentina?? BIZARRE. Anyway, back to Twyla and family, I can hardly wait to see them; they are good times and I hope they enjoy the weekend so they'll keep considering a move to Ellensburg.

In other news, I've had a powerful craving lately for meatloaf; could someone fax me a slice or two?

To sum up: Have a great weekend!




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