in which I confess something I'd rather not


Alright, dammit. There's something I've been keeping from you, Internet, as well as from everyone else I possibly could, because I didn't want to talk about it. Not wanting to talk about it means I haven't been writing entries very often, or emailing any of my friends, and doggonit, I miss them. So I'm going to tell you, even though it's really hard for me and hurts my pride to have to confess it. I... [arrrrrrghhh! I hate this] have applied for virtually the same exact university job I had in North Carolina, and I have a preliminary interview for said job on Wednesday at 10:00. This hurts my pride because I swore up, down, and sideways that I would never ever ever ever do that job again. Amusingly enough, it turns out I am qualified for no other job at the university, and though I'm sure I could get a job elsewhere in town, any non-university job would pay at LEAST $1,000 less per month, based on the ads I've seen in the newspaper. Considering other jobs would probably expect me to work as hard as the university job would, and would most likely not provide the same level of benefits, it seems ridiculous not to apply for the university job, even though I very much wanted to do something (anything) else. Therefore, not only did I apply for the job, I am also going to do my best to get it, and frankly they would be fools not to hire me, as I have craploads of experience in the field.

So there you go, Internet. Anyone who doesn't like me should go ahead and savour the sweet schaudenfreude of this moment, and those who Do like me should not pity me, because I've thought a lot about this and feel it's in my and my family's best interests. Also, I think this job would be less bad than my last one in a lot of ways, due to being a state university, as opposed to one that costs over $46K for 2006-07. Less weeping in my office, for one thing.

Phew! I hated having to tell that, but I'm glad to not be keeping it secret anymore. Now I feel able to email all my beloved friends back--I owe EVerybody a message, and I've been feeling pretty bad about that.

Now let's talk about corn. Specifically, let's talk about Mexican corn that's on the cob with a stick in the bottom, and that's been slathered with mayonnaise and sprinkled with cheese and chili sauce. You'd think a concoction like that would be disgusting, wouldn't you. Well you'd be WRONG, Mitch. Sharky and I had that corn last Saturday when the soccer game he played in at a school in Yakima was over. The corn vendor had a pushcart and was selling corn to the spectators (very few spectators), and Sharky and I were hot to try some, because that corn featured heavily in the recent major motion picture, Nacho Libre. Not a good movie (though it had its funny moments), but the corn was one of THE most delicious things I've ever eaten. Sharky concurred and we discussed the corn all the way back to Ellensburg. We got some corn at the market yesterday and will be trying to make corn on a stick at home tomorrow at lunchtime. I'll let you know how it goes.

The soccer team Shark's been playing on is part of the area's Mexican league--he is the lone caucasian on the team and his teammates call him El Gringo. It's a 14 and under team, and Shark turned 15 last Wednesday, so he's not technically supposed to be playing, but the coach faked him up a membership card that says he's under 14. I haven't seen the card, because the coach kept it, but Shark says the name on it is Daniel Martinez, so that's his name on game days. The picture is of a small, chubby Mexican boy; it's fortunate the referees don't ask to see the cards. Apparently this fake card thing is pretty standard, since there were boys on the opposing team who were 16, at least, so I'm not going to worry about it. One thing I determined at the game on Saturday is that I need to learn Spanish immediately, if only for eavesdropping purposes; my kingdom for a Berlitz course!

For Shark's birthday last Wednesday, we took him to Seattle for the day. First we stopped at an Asian grocery, for bubble tea and a few supplies (no Asian market in Ellensburg). Next we went to the Pike Place Market, where we obtained hom bow and walked around a bit. Then it was up to the University District for some shopping. We got Shark some super cool retro clothes--two shirts, two zip-up, old school track jackets, and yellow and green Nikes. Then we went to Capitol Hill, where we wandered around for awhile and then got him a pair of sunglasses, to replace ones he lost during the cross country move. After that, we went to Twyla and Sonny's, where we had pizza and tried to help a little (and not hinder them) in their efforts to finish packing to leave for China the next day. We weren't much help, so we ate and ran, to get out of their way. People, people! They picked up Frances two days ago, and she is Amazing! You wouldn't be able to see their Flickr pictures of her, because they're friend only, but trust me: that baby is dynamite. I am so, so excited to meet her in person, but they have to stick around China for more than another week, to finish the paperwork, so I'm not sure when we'll meet her, but as long as they keep the pictures coming, we will be appeased.

Something I've been meaning to tell you but consistently forgetting is, a couple weeks ago we saw an ice cream truck go by, rather fast, and then we saw a kid go by, chasing the ice cream truck. I'd never before imagined what it would look like to see a kid chasing an ice cream truck, but it turns out it's really effing funny. He must've chased it for blocks and blocks, but he caught it eventually; Francisco saw him on the way back, with ice cream. I applaud his persistence.

I'm a little tired right now, so I'm fixing to stop writing, but if anyone knows where I can get some really cool, Tank Girl style goggles (online, of course), please let me know. When the Ellensburg wind kicks up, like it did today, walking outside with contact lenses is pure hell, and we couldn't find any suitable goggles at stores in town. Our temporary solution, which was Francisco leading me around by the hand while I kept my eyes closed, is not ideal.

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