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Yesterday I forgot to tell you three things: 1) Someone printed a porn photo on the office printer on Sunday and it's a mystery who did it (I suspected the boss except he was out of town), but it may have been my annoying coworker's teenage son, using her laptop. That's what we've decided to assume, anyway. 2) Francisco had to basically replace all the pipes under the kitchen sink on Saturday because they were leaking. This necessitated 3 trips to Home Depot (fortunately there's one less than half a mile from us), and the reason I'm telling you about it is so I can tell you what the young plumbing wizard at HD told us about copper pipes. Francisco told him he'd never done any plumbing repairs before this one that actually worked the first time, but then he recalled that he'd successfully soldered on a new water heater a few years ago. Mike the young plumbing wizard said, "I hate soldering, man, I HATE it. If I go to do a job and I find copper pipe? [*shaking his head*] Man, I'll try to talk 'em into repiping the house." So there you go--if you have copper pipe and someone tells you you need to repipe your house, they may very well just hate soldering. 3) Don't ever buy nori sheets at Whole Foods. We went to Asia Market on Friday and bought nori there, and it was $1.79 for a pack of 10, as opposed to $4.95 for a pack of 8 at Whole Foods. Whole Foods is good for some things, but when it comes to Asian ingredients, they're a huge ripoff. FACT.

Song of the Day: Iron &Wine -- We All Us Three Will Ride, at songs: illinois.

Not much else to tell you. Work is very busy. My calorie-restricting experiment is going very well and has been extended indefinitely. I'm super hungry. Over.

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