12) Making some lists


Not a lot to tell you today, Interweb. I didn't end up making brownies for today's Thanksgiving lunch, because we didn't have enough butter, and I knew there would be more than enough other dessert stuff at the lunch, so I said never mind, but I did make the mac&cheese. At the lunch, someone proposed we go around the room and say what we're thankful for, and everyone was doing the normal "thankful for my family" stuff, so when my turn came I said I was thankful for midgets, because they're cute and they make me feel tall. My coworker said she was thankful the boss isn't here this week, and between the two of us we sucked all the sentimentality right out of the room. Mission Accomplished.

Hey, you know what was in my package from Diana yesterday? A huge jar of honey-citron tea, so I won't have to worry about my supply being cut off for a long time!! She was a smartass about it, though, and said I should be able to find it at a regular grocery store next time; that it'll be next to the peanut butter and the label will say 'marmalade'. Well YES, it does sort of look like that, but believe me, it's entirely different than marmalade. I'll make Diana drink some someday and she'll take her smartassery back, mark my words.

Songs of the Day:

Benny Benassi -- Put Your Hands Up, at Between Thought and Expression.

Oranger -- Mr. Sandman, at Copy, Right?.

Ed MacFarlane -- Let's Split Up, at Moebius Rex.

This weekend I will be:

1) Finishing the exchange ornaments and packing them for mailing.
2) Definitely doing something with that damn Contaflex.
3) Knitting.
4) Probably taking Sharky to the movies on Sunday.
5) Cold, most likely. Over the past couple of days it's gotten pretty chilly. I approve.
6) Making some Indian food, with recipes from my new cookbook.
7) Reading other new books.
8) Maybe sewing something.
9) Cleaning and doing chores.
10) Making some things for small children.
11) Watching some soccer.

In closing, I present you with a photo of Leslie Hall and one of her LYs, taken at that concert of theirs we attended last July:

Seeking the magical power of bling bling


PS Craige, the boss thinks I'm a vegetarian because when I first took the job, I was, and he made Such a big deal about it--apparently he thinks of vegetarianism as some kind of new age, super-alternative thing to do. After I started eating meat again (6+ years ago) I decided to just let him think I was still a vegetarian, because I didn't want to listen to him make a big deal about my switch back. |


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