the war is working out So well for little George Junior


Dear AtomicTonic,

Get well soon. I was worried when I couldn't visit you from work--I feared my employer's OIT department may have finally noticed I am spending 95% of every day with you and had blocked access to your address. Fortunately Miles said he can't get in to see you either, so it's not just me, but I hope you will feel better soon.

Love to all of you,,

Tattoobelly (Witness, to you)

I was at home this morning because Boy has spring break this week and Francisco had to teach classes this morning. We didn't do much, but we did get some Crash Team Racing in, and that was fun. I was also heartbroken to see some guys chipping/shredding the brush pile we'd so carefully assembled to block the gap in the trees behind the house. The reason we put it there was to keep kids from riding their bikes through our yard and into the park behind the house. I don't like them going through there, because it's a steep slope in some places and they could crash and then sue us. Of course, my real reason for not liking it is that it's rude--they should use the path like everybody else--but you know some people might try and sue if their child crashed his bike in our yard and broke his arm. Now I'll have to go to my back-up plan, which is to find shade and moist soil tolerant shrubs with flesh-ripping thorns to plant back there. I am on a mission.

This Weekend, by Tattoobelly

This weekend Francisco and I will hopefully be installing our brick patio. Francisco ordered the bricks and if they are delivered today or tomorrow we will be able to at least get started. We've expanded the original design a bit and I think it will look really nice. Pictures will be posted. I also need to buy some nice t-shirts--the kind with the lycra--because they are my main warm weather staple garment, and I do not have enough. I will be visiting either Old Navy or The Gap for the shirts, because they always have just the right kind. I might also get my hair cut on Sunday, but I might weasel out of it again like I did today. I don't know why I hate getting my hair cut so much, but I do, so I have to force myself to go in there. Tomorrow morning we will be shopping for groceries, because we have let our staples get shamefully low, and that situation must be rectified. The Boy is pleading piteously for milk (which he finished off this morning, on his cereal), so milk he shall have. THE END

So much is going on in the world right now, and so much of it is getting overlooked because of the war coverage. I don't blame the news stations, because the war is getting such good ratings, and they have to give the people what they want. But I was thinking everyone should really know that the SARS pandemic has spread to 13 countries, including the US, and that Singapore has closed its schools to prevent the spread of the disease. I don't think this will be a pandemic along the lines of smallpox or the 1918 flu, because the mortality rate isn't nearly as high, but someday something is going to come along that will do the damage of those diseases, and we are going to be sorry. It's inevitable, with all the traveling people do--we're just lucky it hasn't happened yet. Something else in the news that people should know about is that the Bush administration has just quietly changed the laws regarding the declassification of classified documents; they have made it much harder to declassify things, and have extended the waiting period. This doesn't have anything to do with keeping war intelligence quiet, because that was already covered under the old law. One wonders what it is they're trying to hide; I'm betting it's a LOT. I'm still against the war and am horrified that all those people are dying, but I am also horrified that the Bush administration is using the war to cover up the stuff they're doing--that is Wrong.

I am going home in ten minutes, and I am going to have Such a good gin and tonic. I suggest you do the same.


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