foiling the grazing strategy


Okay, Mitch Masters, Private Investigator is being written for real now (have a little more than one page so far--I'm writing it in bits and pieces between bouts of working) and I have to say, I really love this cat. I know I'm making him up, so it stands to reason I would love him, but he's just such a funny elitist. This will have to be a book for older children, probably ages 9 to 12 or so, because Mitch Masters has a very good vocabulary. Also, I suspect he might have some post-traumatic stress flashbacks to 'The Operation', i.e., the neutering. Possibly if I end up with an editor at some point, that will get cut out, but if it works into the story, it's going in for now.

Huzzah! My friend, Juan, has a blog again! This is a good thing. I have missed being able to keep up on all his shenanigans. Of course, if I were a better email correspondent, I'd be able to keep up, but let's not start pointing fingers. At me. Look over there--is that a rabbit?

I'm trying out a grazing strategy. Today for breakfast I had the double cheese whammy (two cheese popcorn cakes with cheese on them). For mid-morning snack I had some peanuts. For lunch I had a small amount of chili. I have some yogurt for a snack and some low salt V8 and a small pear for another snack, but I have foolishly thrown a monkeywrench into my plan today by consuming what could legitimately be called 'a shitload' of M-n-Ms. This is not good and I will not do it again tomorrow, and dammit, I'm going to eat those two snacks anyway, even if I'm not hungry for them, because it's ridiculous to forego nutritional foods due to eating chocolatey foods. I don't care if my stomach bursts open like a sliced haggis. [PS that will never happen. If this stomach can't handle some yogurt and a pear, plus V8, then it's not the stomach I thought it was.]

Gotta work.


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