whistling through the graveyard


When we were at the flea market last weekend, Francisco saw a bracelet he thought I'd like and said I should try it on. I recognized the beads (funky glass) from Firemountain (or if they weren't from there, they were Very similar) and told him I didn't want to try on the bracelet, as I could make it myself for far less. He then mocked me, saying he knows what will happen the next time we have to buy a car. He said we'll go to the dealership and find one with all the features we like and will test drive it, and during the test drive I'll glance around the car and say, "I could make this". Do you see why I love him? He's an excellent mocker.

I got back to the office earlier than expected from that horrible workshop. It was as boring as always, and the horror part of it was they were talking about 2005-2006 already. I gave myself permission to zone out, because I have great hope that I will no longer be working in financial aid by then, and if I am I'll be drinking so heavily I won't remember the workshop anyway. I wrote precisely one thing down at the workshop, and it was a phrase someone used that I'd never heard before. I won't bore you with the whole quote, but this man was talking about the feds, and in conclusion he said, "...and if they don't like it they can whistle through the graveyard." Has anyone heard that before? Because I hadn't. I should google for it--surely he didn't make it up on the spot. Weird phrases like that interest me.

The workshop was scheduled to go until 3 but the presenter took a poll and the majority was for plowing ahead and finishing up early. We got done at 12:30, at which point my coworkers and I made a pact not to get back to the office before 2 and went on our merry ways. I went to Michael's Crafts and got ingredients for the AtomicFriends ornament swap, which I am SO looking forward to. I'm not going to say anything more about the ornaments except that one thing I bought was gold leaf paint. If I can get the ornaments to look like I want them to look, they're gonna Rock.

I enjoyed West Wing last night, and I'm glad there was resolution to the kidnapped Zoey thing. I don't think our national ADD could sustain that story dragging out any longer. I'm glad the Republicans turned out to be not as evil as Josh thought, but I'm not glad that it's looking like the President and First Lady are going to be at odds. I like that fictional marriage and don't want it to be in trouble.

Tonight will be a night of tv again, which makes me feel The Shame. But Survivor is on, plus we need to watch the Angel season premiere from last night AND the Angel rerun that will be recorded today at 5:00. So we'll be potatoey tonight but I'll make up for it this weekend. I swear.


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