okay, NOW


1) Got the keys! Going over there tonight! Woo!

2) As of yesterday I've become one of those people who use a paper towel to open the bathroom door after they've used it and washed their hands. This is at work, of course. There are a lot of people here getting sick with colds, and I am resorting to OCD behavior to keep from becoming one of them.

3) Our office is decked out for Christmas already, and I'm loving it. Decorations are my favorite thing about Christmas. And speaking of decorations, I got my first exchange ornament yesterday and it is fantastic! I can hardly wait to move and put up the tree and put ornaments on it.

4) It's supposed to snow big tonight, and I am not happy. The snow didn't used to bother me at all, but I hate it now that Francisco's commuting 45 minutes, one way, on a highway that goes over steep hills and etc. It's very nervous making and I Officially Protest.

5) We're having pizza for dinner. We were going to have eggplant and cauliflower in a Thai basil chili sauce, with rice, but instead we want to have a quick dinner so we can spend more time with The House. Sharky's never seen it--we invited him to come look at it during the inspection, but he couldn't be arsed. He is going to Love his bedroom.

6) I have been ravenous this week. Damn you, PMS! *shaking fist* I was able to hold out until 11:30 to have my lunch, and I've had an apple and two tangerines since then, but still the stomach, she growls. I'm going to tear into that pizza, fo sho.

7) Photo of the Day: Fallen Angels

8) We were going to send the Shark to Eugene on a Greyhound but we're not going to do that after all, I don't think. The reason we're baulking is because we could put him on a bus here in Eburg but he'd have to change buses in Seattle, to get to Eugene, and Greyhound doesn't guarantee seats, right? So theoretically he could get to Seattle and be told there's no seat for him, and I'm not sure he'd be able to deal with that. I'm going to see if my parents would meet us in Kelso (WA), which is about 4 hours from us and 3 hours from them, and pick him up there. Hopefully they'll say yes.

9) I've requested the week before Christmas off and I hope I get it, because I could really use that time to do stuff at our new place (we'll be moved in by then). I think my boss will say okay (she's at a conference this week), and I'm looking forward to getting loads of stuff done, PLUS spending mornings with Francisco, who will be working swing shift then.

Gotta roll out, peeps.




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