Grandma took a spill at the sand dunes today. Broke her coccyx.


Here are some things I want to tell you about the past two weeks that I can't be arsed to put into a smooth-flowing narrative, mainly due to the congestion in my face:

1) Aside from the short walk Francisco and I took yesterday, I basically spent the entire day sitting in bed with the laptop and Esther. Lucy was there too, but unobtrusively, whereas Esther had to have a foot or her face or her tail touching me at all times. It was Such a nice day. I mean, I slept until 11:00, first of all, which is the latest I've slept in years and years, but that's because I stayed up until almost 2:00 on Sunday night, because I wasn't tired, and didn't sleep that well when I slept. I guess my body got acclimated to west coast time, which is not good because it made me lay awake a long time last night before I could fall asleep. Hopefully things will return to normal soon.

2) We saw Napoleon Dynamite last week, at Twyla's house, and man oh man that movie is funny. I'm a little obsessed with it, actually. It's Brilliant. Another thing I'm a tiny bit obsessed with (in the sense that I love it and want it to be available here) is bubble tea. Have you had it? I had it twice (sesame flavor, both times), at two different places, and the first batch was better. The second batch was way too sweet, but it also tasted more sesame-y. The bottom line here is, I want more. That bubble tea site has supplies that can be ordered, and I'm thinking I might have to order me up some bubble tea fixins, because I like it so much I could drink it until I died.

3) I still haven't had any desserts for a long time--I think it was December 6th I knocked off eating the sugar. The exception to this would be that too-sweet Bubble Tea; I think it was sweet enough be considered a dessert, but it was not premeditated on my part so I don't consider it a departure from the plan. Anyway, the no dessert thing is working out great, considering I lost 2 pounds over the holidays with no (and I mean NO) exercise and very few other dietary restrictions. Now that we're home and will be back at the gym starting tomorrow, I anticipate a great 2005 shedding--a monumental defattening that will shock my friends and dismay my enemies. That's what I'M talking about. Oh yeah.

4) Sunday I made Boy's second slipper (he loves those butt-ass ugly slippers I make, for some reason), to go with the first slipper I made for him several weeks ago. Now he can shut his piehole about them (he's been a'nagging), and I can go onto other things. I started a devil hat for my sister's husband after I finished the slipper and made some good progress on it. I'm using the same yarn as for the first hat except I bought the bulky version of the yarn and am using larger needles for this second hat (this is because my brother-in-law, dog bless him, has an enormous head--think Big Head, and then think bigger than that). I think this hat is going to be kick-ass.

5) Last weekend I was finally able to remove all the Scotland bruised toe blood from under my left big toenail, but my right big toenail has months and months more to go before it is back to normal. Damn it takes a long time to grow bruised toe blood out. Remember that the next time you're tempted to wear your shoes too loose and walk a long distance.

6) This cold is driving me nuts and I am officially GROCE. Oh my god, the blowing, the Blowing. I feel guilty going through so many tissues, since they're made of trees and all, but I also can't imagine using handkerchiefs during this cold--that would be so nasty. Plus I would be going through 10 of them per hour, easy.

7) The whole tsunami thing is so awful I don't even know where to start with it, but I'm so sad for the people who lost relatives and/or their homes. I can't even imagine what they're going through.

More disjointed thoughts tomorrow, you lucky things.

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