go Reds!!!


WOOOOO, Liverpool is in the UEFA Champions League final!! I know nobody reading this cares, but I'm quite excited for the game next month, which will be against either AC Milan (my preference) or Manchester United, depending on who wins when they play each other. I Really hope AC Milan is the team, because Man U is Sharky's team and it would be unBEARable to watch the final with him if our two teams were playing. I may resort to voodoo to influence the outcome of the AC Milan/Man U match.

Right now I'm reading Anderson Cooper's autobiography, and so far I'm enjoying it. He writes well and honestly, and I have to imagine the book was very cathartic for him to write. I finally finished that Carolyn Myss book, about a week ago, and when I took it back to the library I checked out a bunch of Janet Evanovich's books, because they're fun and they're quick reads and I needed some of that after my 4 month slog through the Myss. I'm really glad I finished the Myss book and feel I got a lot out of it, but it wasn't exactly an easy read. I also checked out a book I initially cringed away from a little--Knitting for the Holidays--because I started looking through it and mostly the patterns are very nice, and the majority aren't really all that specifically holiday-y. There's a pair of over the knee socks with a super cute design running up the back that I think I need to make, plus a number of other things. I'm glad we have a scanner/copier so I can add the good patterns to my library. I said that to Francisco and he made fun of me for calling my pattern collection a library, which....okay, point taken.

Not really sure what to report to you, Internet. Last weekend I did a bunch of chore things and Francisco and I drove up to Roslyn on Sunday. We intended to have dinner at the Brick tavern, but as we were drinking the beers we ordered there while we were deciding on our food, a whole pile of people started flooding in and it got really crazy busy. So we just finished our beers and drove back to E-burg to our OWN tavern (The Tav) and had dinner there instead. I got a salad that was pretty good, and one other beer. It's safe to say I pretty much took Sunday off my regime, but to no ill effect. Francisco and I both had amazingly dream-intensive sleep on Sunday night and we think it was the beer we drank in Roslyn. We're going to go back sometime and get that same beer to see if we have lots of dreams again.

I'm going home now.




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