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I was cleaning off the top of my bedside table and I came across a scrap of paper on which I had written a quote from Captain Kangaroo. It was just after Mr. Rogers died, and Capt. Kangaroo was quoted as saying, "Fred did what he knew needed to be done, in his sphere of influence". I remember hearing that and thinking, "what?", and that's why I wrote it down. I'm not sure what Captain Kangaroo was referring to, but maybe the quote was taken out of context or something. Does anyone know what this grim quote is referring to?

Still don't want to do a lot of talking about the war, for the same reasons as yesterday, but can I just say that whatever we're paying for those helicopters, it is too much. They're crashing without being shot down, and I don't think that signals good design. Also, I've gotten about as cynical as any one person can be. This morning when CNN reported "military officials are worried Saddam Hussein will use chemical or biological weapons against his own people and blame the US", I thought, "I guess the US is getting ready to use chemical or biological weapons against the Iraqis and we're setting up our scapegoat". And I'm not alone in this thinking--several of my coworkers have said the exact same kind of thing, so in addition to the many deaths both sides will suffer in this conflict, trust in the government is going to take a big hit, and already has.

Okay, enough. Here are the non-controversial things I can talk about: It is beautiful here! Sunny and 76 (or 24.444444 Celsius). This weekend I suddenly remembered that I have capri pants I love and I am wearing them today with sandals. This might be jumping the weather gun a bit, but who cares, because this winter sucked and I deserve some kind of compensation. Also the past few days I've been letting my hair dry naturally, because for some reason that feels more like summer to me. It's a bit wild looking, but I'll get it trimmed on Friday and that will help. Also, I invited one of my favorite Diaryland people to the Atomic Tonic forums, and she came over! It shocked me because I'm all the time telling people they should be members of the forums and they never sign up. I thought I had very poor powers of persuasion but maybe not. You should send me a dollar (just testing).

Francisco is going to his shooting extravaganza tonight and on the way will stop at a brick place to see what they've got. He had the Boy help him start preparing the yard for the small brick patio today (did I mention Boy has spring break this week?), and that makes me happy. I like it when they work together, and also that means less work for me. I can get behind that 100%. While Francisco is out tonight Boy and I will do our usual Tuesday night 'have dinner and watch Buffy' thing. I think I will make gardenburgers and salad, because that's easy and I like to make easy things during the week.

This morning Francisco and I went for a walk and it was cool and nice and light enough to see. While we were walking I had the idea that the next time I was in a group I would say some random crazy thing and then (when everyone looked at me like I had 2 heads) I could say, "What?! I'm just saying what we're all thinking." It's really no wonder I have so few friends.

I guess that's it for today, except that some lender sent us a cheap-ass faux basketball candy dispenser thing, filled with M-n-Ms, and I will admit to eating some. It's a candy kind of day.


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