The Universe is busting out all over


First of all, I received good news this morning. Two people I adore, who have been trying to have a baby for a long time, are going to have one. I am so happy for them--they really deserve to have a baby, because they will be excellent parents and they have done a lot of advance planning to get ready to have a baby. The Universe has done good--let's give the Universe a big round of applause, people! A couple days ago I started knitting a baby blanket for these friends (not knowing they were already expecting) because I figured I could force the Universe to give them a baby through sheer stubborness of will. Oh how the Universe must've laughed at my foolishness! Anyway, I am just so happy for my friends--it has really made my day.

Also, I want to make something very clear: I love the French. They seem to be under a misapprehension that France is hated by all Americans now, just because some people are silly enough to be boycotting French restaurants and renaming things with the word "French" in them [Freedom Ticklers?]. I just want to say to the French that, hey, I love you guys! A lot! You were very gracious and welcoming to me and Francisco last summer, as we bumbled around your country, and you have the best food ever. Don't listen to a few ignorant rednecks; the majority of Americans still like you.

Francisco and I got up early and went for a walk, but before we left the house (I was putting on socks and shoes), we heard The Boy get out of bed (he makes a lot of noise getting up), go into the bathroom, and pee. And pee. And pee. And pee. For about a minute, no kidding. The peeing would slack off a bit and we'd think he was done, but it would start up again. It was like an SNL skit or something. No, it was like he had a reserve bladder and was emptying them both. Whatever. We were giggling in the living room, listening to him, and when he was done he went back to bed and we went on our walk.

On the walk we saw our cat friend, KissKiss. Her garage door was open and we made the kissing noises and she jumped down onto the family minivan (she was either in the rafters or maybe on top of the garage door--not sure) and ran out to meet us. I had bought cat treats at the store last weekend, and we gave her some. She scarfed them. We petted her awhile and then gave her more treats as we left, which was good because she didn't follow us at all. I really like that cat, and I especially like that she runs out to see us. We've recently made friends with another cat as well; Smush Face. Smush Face is a grey, longhaired Persian, and she's really very cute. I've never been partial to Persians, but this one made me revise my opinion; she's so sweet and loving. We didn't see her this morning, but hopefully she will like the treats also, next time we see her. I love having cat friends. I love thinking of these cats' people and how they are probably ignorant that their cats have relationships with other people. Well, maybe "relationships" is stretching it a bit, but you know what I mean. Our cats, being fully indoor cats now (we'd let them go out sometimes, but decided it was healthier for them indoors--their vet agrees), only know us and the people who come into the house, but outdoor cats can have whole secret lives. When Francisco's mother was living with us, her cat went out a lot, and our neighbor told us once that he used to scratch on her door and she'd let him in. He'd hang out in her house for awhile and then go back out. See? Secret lives.

That's about all I have to report today. I'm happy it's Friday because I love the weekend and I love to sleep in a couple of days (sleeping in, to me, is 9:00 at the latest), and I slept well last night so I feel pretty good. Also, there is very little noise in the office today, and that is a blessing. Now that I've said that, it will surely start up. This weekend I plan to do the usual things (chore things), but also on Sunday we will celebrate Francisco's birthday. He will be 37 on Monday, and Monday just isn't the greatest day to try and celebrate. He would like to go out to brunch at a French restaurant we like (put That in your pipe and smoke it, rednecks), and he is thinking about what else he'd like to do. There's got to be Something good going on in this area; we just have to find it.

Have a good day, have a good weekend!


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