you'll want to run barefoot through my hair


A minute ago I felt a very strong nostalgic pang for Sesame Street. I don't feel like running home to watch it or anything, but I sort of miss the carefree days of childhood when Sesame Street was really good television. I wish I'd known then how easy I had it and had tried to enjoy childhood more. I also wish I'd gotten into more trouble as a child, because the repercussions were so minor then. I can recall being lectured maybe one or two times in grade school, and it was never severe enough for me to be sent to the principal. My permanent record is practically spotless, and we all know how important That is. When we bought our house the loan lady told us she was a little iffy on our application until she saw my permanent record. It's a nice little scam those teachers and principals have going, but I guess if students are deterred from being pains in the ass, it's a good thing.

My second in command boss is funny even when she's not trying to be. A minute ago she came into my office and said, "Do you have anything that needs to be wiped with a wet cloth? Because I have this wet cloth and it's not all used up yet." I told her it was the first time anyone has asked me that, and only then did she realize it was a weird question. She cracks me up.

I had a good haircutting experience today. The day spa's basic haircut is about the same cost as any salon, but they wash and cut your hair in a little private room, which is nice. I want as few people looking at me with wet crazy hair as possible. The lady didn't cut too much off (and she didn't put it into a radical new style, which is okay with me), but it's a lot more evened up and it looks much better. I got some spray gel that will enhance the curl in my hair, so now I've got something to work with. I will go back next time I need a haircut, and maybe I'll even learn to like and look forward to them. [outlook is favorable]

Last night Francisco made the best dinner. He bought a large salmon filet, put a delicious spice rub on it, and grilled it (first grilling of the spring!). We had it with sourdough roasted garlic bread, salad, strawberries and grapes. I had some of the salmon and bread for lunch today, and it was so, So good. Everyone in my office except me and our temporary receptionist went to lunch today as a "farewell" for a coworker. This was silly for a couple of reasons: This coworker didn't work in our office and hadn't for months. She worked two buildings down at the loans office, and she's not Going anywhere except onto the main part of campus to work in a different department. I was amenable to going to the lunch anyway until I heard where they were going, because they went to one of the worst restaurants in the area. It's not like a dive or anything; it just has very poor service and the food is extremely Meh. Most of the attendees of the lunch said the food was awful and that the Boss started pontificating about politics (he is very conservative) and also he was angry because they brought him grilled chicken salad when he wanted crispy chicken salad. He apparently bitched about the salad debacle for most of the time, even though they got him the right salad immediately.

Dear Hair Appointment,

Thank you for giving me a legitimate reason to skip this lunch I was going to skip anyway. I would've made something up to get out of it, but this way everyone can see from my hair that I really was where I said I was. You rock.



Tomorrow is really going to suck. We have the walk-in times again, and since a lot of people have a 3 or even 4 day weekend starting tomorrow, we should be very very busy. I might not even have time to update, though of course I will if I get the chance. I am really looking forward to the weekend. I'm going to do a tiny bit of shopping (stuff I really need, like contact lens cleaner) and the usual chores but I'm also going to hunt down an ArtOMatic. And plant a fig and some tomatoes and basil. I wish the weekend started tomorrow.

Going to go email everyone and their fat brother back.


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