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Oh for the love of bubble tea, people. Why can't I start sleeping like a normal EST person? I am So Tired. Not only did I lay awake for a long time last night, I also woke up before 5:00 and couldn't go back to sleep. This was partially because, after I had woken up and looked at the clock on my bedside table, I turned over to find Esther with her face in Francisco's face. This is her way of saying to him, "Get up, slackass--I want tuna!" She's been all outta whack with her waking schedule since we got back from Seattle; I suspect she'd been sitting like that for awhile. I couldn't let her stare him awake when it wasn't even 5:00 yet, so I pulled her away from him and sent her ass packing to the foot of the bed. It didn't take (she was back in two minutes), but it turned out he was awake anyway, and nauseous. At the risk of sending you all screaming home to mother after reading the following heinous observation [no, seriously, SKIP TO THE NEXT PARAGRAPH if you're easily groced out], I will tell you that both Francisco and I have been nauseous for a few days, due to the congestion in our faces shifting backwards, which has left us with less to blow out our noses and more to have to swallow. If you just read that and are now writhing in torment, don't say I didn't warn you, because I did, IN CAPITAL LETTERS. Ahem. The point is, this cold needs to go away, because not only is it still a facial misery, it is now toying with my rock-solid digestive system, and that is not okay. Anyway, due to both of us being tired tired so tired (don't forget Poland, er, nauseous!), we skipped the gym in favor of sitting all sloth-like in the living room while watching last night's Daily Show, since we were too awake to sleep any more. We also drank coffee, but we failed to make a second pot, which in hindsight is something I think would've been right on the money. Since we are temporarily out of diet coke with lime and I therefore couldn't bring one to work with me, 2 cups of coffee is all the caffeine I've had today and it wasn't enough. Joyce! I require a Jolt Cola and 12 cc's of adrenaline.

Again with the random observations, as I ran out of segues a few days ago and don't expect the next shipment until the end of the week:

1) Both of Boy's biological parents wanted to see him when we were in Eugene, and he wanted to see them, so we let that happen. His mom was the hardest to deal with, because she had asked a few weeks ago if she could see him, and we said yes, but still she failed to plan how that would happen and what activities they would partake of during the visit. She wanted to see him twice, and the first time she took him to some party thing at her mom's church with her sister's kids, and gave him presents. The second time, the plan was she wanted to buy him a BB gun, so they were going to go pick it out and then he would play with his cousins again, but she had some boyfriend drama that morning and arrived at my parents' house a few hours later than planned, all upset. She for some reason had the promised BB gun with her and she wanted to take Boy to a movie, but she didn't know what movie or where or how to get there (she has no car and relies on the buses). We ended up taking them to the movie theater and picking him up afterwards. It was awkward, to say the least. Can I tell you a secret, interweb? I am 95% convinced Boy's mom shoplifted all of his presents, even the BB gun. She gave him a couple of shirts, some paints, a weird-ass crystal scultpture that stands on a small colored-light thingy, and something else I can't remember, but it was small. Plus the BB gun. All of these things (other than the gun) would've been easily stealable, especially for someone with her thieving ability (vast). I don't know how she would've made off with the BB gun, but possibly it involved sexual favors for a store employee [which is totally not funny, actually, because it's not out of the question]. So that was his mom. His dad (my brother, if you're just joining us), came over to my parents' on xmas eve, and he arrived shortly after my parents' friends, so I was talking to them when I heard his voice behind me. I turned around to greet him, and I hope my face didn't reflect my shock at his appearance, because oh there was shock, my friends. He is thinner than I've ever seen him; he looks awful. I hugged him and stepped back so others could hug him, and since there was so much noise in the room at that point, no one heard me say, out loud, "oh my god, my brother is a skull". He's using the heroin again (as is his girlfriend who was also there and who I like a lot, despite the drug stuff) and basically I think he's so thin because he's having to choose between buying food and buying drugs. This is based on watching him and his girlfriend dive face first into the buffet later on--they don't seem sick; they seem hungry. I want to feel bad about that except it is 100% their choice to make and they're making it. Anyway, that night wasn't too bad, and originally it was supposed to be the only night we would be seeing him, but he wrangled an invite for the next night as well, and his girlfriend wasn't with him that time (allegedly a bad rash, but who knows) so it was more difficult without her to buffer things, but we got through it. Boy always enjoys seeing his dad more than seeing his mom, and I'm glad he had the opportunity, and at least Boy's dad didn't steal his gift (a used Playstation game). Those game places make it way too hard to steal stuff.

2) Here's something I learned this xmas that is Weird and hard for me to imagine; Boy has a great, great grandmother WHO IS STILL LIVING. Boy's mom had him when she was 17, and her mom had her when she was 17, so basically his great grandmother is younger than my mom, and there's that great, great grandmother he's never laid eyes on but who is still alive and kicking and only 80-something. When he told me that I took the opportunity to point out that having babies at 17 seems to be a minor tradition on his mom's side of the family, and told him if he decided to follow that tradition I would break his ass. I really drove that point home, I think, when I observed that he'd be 17 in only 4 years--it was gratifying to see him shudder at the thought of having a baby in 4 years. I believe that's one tradition that ends with him, thank dog.

3) Okay, so our flight out west, from Philadelphia to Seattle, took about 6 hours, and I think that may have been the longest 6 hours I've ever experienced. This is because we were sitting next to young parents with 2 small kids (aged one and two--I couldn't help overhearing the mom when she told their ages to Everyone On The Plane, Individually). When I first saw them, I thought "wow, it must be really hard to travel with such small children". You know, pretty sympathetic. After 6 hours of listening to the kids screaming, though? Not so much with the sympathy. Especially because Brandy (the mom) and Bill (the dad) weren't doing too much to stop the screaming, which is sort of their main job if they're going to bring two babies onto a crowded airplane for 6 hours. Truly I would like to be the kind of person whose compassion is not affected by a little thing like hours and hours of babies wailing 3 feet from my left ear, but alas, I have some growing to do. And it's a very good thing in general that I don't have a baby, because while we were on that flight I was starting to think it was not only reasonable but also a really good idea to dope a baby up with some kind of sleepy-making baby cold medicine before getting on a plane with it, and I'm sure I'll get some hate mail about that statement, but before you email, please keep in mind that 1) I do not have a baby and never will, and 2) I know it's not Actually a good idea; it just Seemed like a good idea around hour 4 or 5.

4) That was a very long day, the day we flew out west. We got up at 4:30 in the a.m., went to the airport and got on our flight to Philadelphia, and then on another flight to Seattle. After we landed in Seattle we rented a car, had lunch, and drove 6 hours south, to Eugene. It doesn't normally take 6 hours to drive down there, but traffic was bad. By the time we pulled into my parents' driveway, all we wanted was sleep. I drove the last hour and a half or so, and I was hallucinating seeing things in the road, I was so tired. Oy, what a day.

I have delighted you enough for one day.
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