My cat's expenses are depriving me of cheap stuff


I went out at lunch and did errands, and not only did I buy glowsticks, I also saw a car accident. Best lunchtime errand trip ever! The first place I went to was 'Orient Supermarket', where I purchased 5 cans of Thai curry paste, a large jar of black bean garlic sauce, 6 cans of coconut milk, and two jars of the honey citron tea I'm in love with (one jar for home, one jar for work). I love going to that market because 1) it has everything I want, 2) the lady who owns the store is really nice, and 3) it's in this horribly rundown strip mall thing, and that's exciting because I'm never quite sure if I'm going to be murdered or not. It's actually the only business remaining in that strip mall, and that gives it a totally awesome crack den feel. Anyway, so I bought that stuff and headed over to Target for tights, mascara, under-eye moisturizer, and a few other things. This Target has a $1 section (maybe all Targets have that section--not sure) and today I looked at it for the first time. Based on other stores' $1 sections, I thought it would be stocked with paper plates, ugly greeting cards, and packs of ketchup/mustard squeezy dispensing bottles, but OMG this was so not the case! There were all kinds of interesting items there and I kept snatching things up, remembering that we had just spent $900 (final figure) on Esther, and reluctantly putting them back. I ended up getting a couple of glowsticks (wanted to buy 20 of them, for the next Ten Minute Rave I host in my office, but hello: Esther), a few keychains (really great ones) and some gift wrap. Score! I checked out, went out to the truck, went BACK to the store, because I forgot my damn soda at the checkout, and returned to the truck. It was when I was driving back to the office that I saw the car accident; it was pretty weird. I was right behind the car in question, and I saw him sort of drifting to the right, like he wasn't paying attention to the road. His right wheels went off the road onto the dirt shoulder, he swerved back onto the road and then sort of swerved all over the place for a second or two, and then went back off the road and hit something. I'm not sure what it was because there was a lot of tall vegetation right there (bamboo, maybe?), but it was solid and stopped his car. I wanted to stop but I was in the truck (big, unwieldy) and there was no place to pull off, so I drove past him really slowly and he did not seem gravely injured. I kept driving slowly because the car behind me pulled up beside him and I was watching in the rear-view mirror. I guess he told the lady in that car that he was okay, because she didn't stick around. Aaaaand that's my big car wreck story. I guess it's not that exciting to hear about, but it's not Every day a girl sees someone lose their shit and drive off the road, right?

Last night we watched Mystery Men, which Dennis had thoughtfully picked up for us, and I had forgotten what an amazing cast that movie had. The movie itself wasn't that great--it had funny moments but overall didn't flow right--but that sure wasn't the cast's fault. The Boy hadn't seen it before (Francisco and I saw it when it came out) and he enjoyed it a lot. Francisco and I enjoyed it too, and we particularly enjoyed a line at the end of the movie, "We struck down evil with the mighty sword of teamwork, and the hammer of not bickering". We had to pause the movie to laugh and laugh, and I remembered we laughed a long time at that the first time we saw the movie too. William H. Macy knows how to deliver a line, mitches.

This is a fascinating place--I hope it receives thousands of postcards, because I want to see them all.

Toby the neighbor cat is starting to drive me a little crazy. It's getting so a person can't even brush his/her teeth without being meowed at through the bathroom window. He clamors at the back door, and when Esther sits in front of the door and stares at him, he hits the window with his front paws like he's trying to whack her one. Sometimes he runs in the second Francisco opens the front door and we have to assume he was crouched out there in "set" position (as in ready...set...go!), waiting for his chance. I know it's our fault for being nice to him, but I don't get why he doesn't meow at his own house; his mom is usually home when he's trying to get in our house, so why not get in his own house instead? Annoying.

Most of my coworkers have children, and as a group they have 8 kids who are school-aged (plus Boy), and each kid seems to have to sell things for his/her school. There is pretty much always some fund raiser going on, so I had to decide early on that I wouldn't buy from any of them, because I felt if I bought something from one kid I'd have to buy something from Every kid, and I am not made of money. Sometimes I feel guilty about not buying stuff from them, but I have a beef about those fundraisers anyway, so I'm not going to cave and start ordering stuff. I'm pretty sure the moms of a few of the kids talk behind my back and say I'm stingy, but at least I'm consistently stingy, right?

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