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First of all, let me just get this out of the way: I can no longer endorse the oil skin cleansing method. It was great for several days, but by the end of a couple of weeks, my skin was SO PISSED OFF. Not only was it broken out, it was also just irritated in general, so I ran to my Proactiv bottles and apologized for being fickle, and they took me back. That was three days ago, and the skin is almost back to good now. I guess some people can smear oil on their skin and have it work out for them; alas, I am not one of those people, but I wanted to be, hence my giving the method more than two weeks even though my skin kept getting worse. No one can say I didn't give that a fair shot.

Secondly, I'm really obsessed with soccer these days; I'm not sure why. We watched two games this weekend. On Sunday we watched Major League Soccer--Real Salt Lake vs. Chivas USA--and yesterday we watched Liga Mexicana soccer--Pumas vs. Chivas Guadalajara [those two Chivas teams are directly related, but I'm not sure Exactly how--same owner maybe?]. What I would like to say to Real Salt Lake is, YOU GUYS ARE SUCH PUSSIES! Oh boo-hoo, the Chivas are too shovey and they accidentally [or on purpose, whatever] tripped you up a few [several dozen] times--you gonna go cry to your mamas, you big babies?? Clint Mathis, I am specifically talking to you, re: your tantrum when you got taken down and Romo kicked the ball at you while you were still laying on the ground like a big drama queen. That ball barely touched you, but hey everyone, let's fight! I'm glad you got ejected from the game so I didn't have to look at your pouty face anymore. And, message to Romo: I don't like you either, after you acted like you were sucker punched--the slo-mo replay showed he never even touched you. MLS sucks. Liga Mexicana, on the other hand, is where it's at. The Pumas/Chivas G. game was Great, and not 10 minutes into it I realized I'd been far too hasty in declaring San Luis as My Team. I mean, granted I haven't watched all that many soccer games, but as far as my amateur eyes can tell, those Pumas are totally Awesome! And though they only won 1-0, they basically ran circles around the Chivas (who are Francisco's team, which he chose as randomly as I chose San Luis) during the whole game. I want to switch my allegiance to the Pumas, so fortunately San Luis and the Pumas will be playing each other on the 21st, and I have decided they are playing specifically for my affections [hey, no narcissism here...]. Whoever wins that game will be my team, for better or worse, and hopefully it'll be the Pumas, because I'm really quite enamored of them.

Okay, I just took a break from typing this entry to attend a small birthday soiree downstairs, and then I used the bathroom. As I was looking in the mirror, post peeing, I found my first grey hair. Not funny, Universe! I was going to pull it out but decided not to, because I figure I'll need it later on, grey or no.

So, I'm feeling a little old due to the grey hair, but on the other hand, this morning we mixed some running into our walking, because I got that running bra I ordered, and that thing is Fierce with the support. Grey hair, yes, but starting a running program, so I'm not ready for the glue factory just yet. Oh, and if you're large-bosomed and need a bra that can stand up to all the jiggling that running produces? Look no further. That is one amazing bra! Now I just need a bra for my ass.

Yesterday while cleaning the bathroom, I had an idea for when I do open mic with my toy piano (purchase still pending. see also: lazy). You know the Tracey Flick character from Election? Would it or would it not be funny to do an impersonation of Tracey Flick doing the spoken-word Master P part from the end of Snoop Dogg's 'Back Up Off Me'?:

"Yo Snoop, it's your country uncle Master P man
The black Tony Montana, I wanna tell you
Thank you for ery'thing you did for No Limit
We won the fuckin war together
We can do what we wanna do after this
It ain't No Limit Snoop, you been good to me
Now it's time for me to be good to you
I'm bout to give you your own blocks wodie
You do what you wanna do
Bring 'em in, we get the kilos from the South to the West
We ship 'em, give it to the world
Sell it to the fuckin record stores!
Tell the fuckin haters to shut up!
Cause it still ain't No Limit
I know they thought this was "Tha Last Meal"
but they don't realize it ain't the last deal Snoopy
It's me and you baby, let's toast to success!
DoggHouse, No Limit, to the fuckin world man!
"Last Meal" on that puta, you fuckin cockroaches!"

Answer: IT WOULD BE FUNNY. I am So going to do it--nobody steal my idea or I will cut you.

This weekend Sharky was at his friend's house for most of Saturday and Sunday, so on Saturday afternoon Francisco and I went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Sharky had already seen in). And I don't want to be controversial or start any fights with people, but I liked it better than the original. I know; blasphemy, right? Sorry, y'all--I can't help it. I liked it better overall, and specifically I liked the ending better. Let the pummeling commence!

That's probably about all I have to tell you about my weekend. I'm still feeling The Great Ennui when it comes to all things work, but I think I'm starting to snap out of it a little. Hopefully I can get myself all caught up by the end of the week, since I still haven't done that. I suck.

I haven't looked at music blogs for a few weeks, so no song of the day, but I'll get my shit together soon and start delivering up the songs again, don't you worry. In the meantime, here's something very funny, brought to you by Dreas, who needs to update his blog soon because I need it.

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