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Activity Log for the Box of Puppies, morning of 11/7/08:

9:46 Purple collar LOVES that stuffed fish. He's hugging it to him like a long lost brother.

9:48 Green collar did a super cute stretch and flipped over to lay on his back.

9:53 Purple collar woke up and had a big stretching and scratching session and then tussled with the stuffed fish for awhile.

10:06 Puppies have changed positions in box. Two are awake and tussling with the fish. Wait, now the orange ball is involved. Wait, now the two awake puppies are wrestling with each other.

10:07 Yellow collar just ate something that is not food. Yellow and green collars are wrestling.

10:11 Hot pink collar wrestled with the big orange ball long enough for me to see it is a stuffed pumpkin. Three puppies are awake and wrestling and trying to wake the others. Blue collar is viciously biting a stuffed animal of some kind.

10:12 Blue collar left the box! Green and yellow collars are trying to wake the two remaining sleepers. There is unhappy squealing.

10:19 So much activity!! Purple collar and black collar keep getting bothered by the others, but they Can't. Wake. Up. Just not possible. I know how they feel.

10:27 Everyone asleep again except green collar and he's trying in vain to rouse his brothers and sisters. Lay down, green collar. Take a little nap. Hey, leave black collar alone! Black collar now awake--left the box in a huff.

10:32 Black collar is back and is out for revenge. He just ripped a hole in green collar's underbelly and is eating the entrails. Blood everywhere.

Okay, not really, but they are wrestling.

10:36 Everyone asleep again except black collar. He's giving the pumpkin a good thrashing. Now he's biting something off camera. Now he's biting hot pink collar's ear. Squealing. It's nice that these puppies take turns being jerks. Go to sleep, black collar.

10:47 Black collar, watching you is wearing me out. Go back to sleep!

10:50 All asleep; peace has been restored. FINALLY. Jesus.

10:55 Black collar is now deeply asleep, as though he'd never woken up at all. I wish I could sleep like these puppies. Better still, I wish I could sleep WITH these puppies. I wouldn't tolerate having my ears bitten, though.

11:04 Still sleeping. Still cute. Over.

11:10 Drastic rearrangement of puppy pile. Back to sleep immediately.

11:18 Another adorable rearrangement.

11:30 Purple collar is awake. He scratched himself for awhile and is now biting the pumpkin.

11:32 I believe blue collar is dreaming about eating. His mouth is moving rhythmically. Also he is twitching periodically. Purple collar is sacked out again.

11:37 Blue collar is still dreaming. Now both his front feet and his right back foot are all moving. I think he's dreaming about playing the piano.

11:50 Green collar: Currently awake and biting pumpkin.

11:51 Green collar trying to wake one of his siblings--can't see what color collar sibling is wearing.

11:54 I looked away from the screen for THREE MINUTES, and now there are only 3 puppies in the box. Alien abduction??

11:57 The missing puppies have been returned. Thank you all for your prayers.

11:59 Three puppies awake; two out of box, third in doorway of box not allowing other two puppies to reenter. Oh it's green collar. He is so contentious.

NOON. No more monitoring--someone else will have to take over. As for me, I'm going to do a little more work and then walk to the Thai place for Tom Kha Gai soup. I decided to eat that for lunch this morning when I woke up with a pre-cold washrag throat. I will stop at the Safeway on the way back to Finally get my prints (hopefully)--I dropped the film off 10 days ago but it wasn't back yet two days ago when I tried to pick it up. WTF, Safeway? So much for two day processing.

This weekend Francisco and I are going to be super super lazy. I'm going to get my hair cut but that's pretty much the only thing I will be getting done. I can hardly wait.




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