getting the keys


Francisco called me at about 10 this morning (when he should have been SLEEPING, AHEM!) and asked if I could get off work early so we can have our house closing appointment today at 4:30. Hell yes I can!! It was projected to be Wednesday but I guess everything went through early, and since the house has been vacant, there's no reason not to close while the closing's good. I'm so excited to get our keys and go over there with the paint chips we've been collecting--painting's one of the first things I want to do, and I hope to get the living room and kitchen finished before the end of the weekend. Oh lord, there is just so much to do involved with truly settling into this house--I'm feeling quite overwhelmed. But then this afternoon I realized that we can put a lot of things into the garage to start with and move them into the house when the house is ready to accept them. Yarn stash, I'm looking at you.

Gotta go.



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