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Hello internet! I didn't know what to get you for Christmas, but then I found the perfect thing; a photo of a baby smoking a pipe:

The Greatest Picture on Flickr

That baby is Francisco and the pipe was apparently his dad's (per Francisco's sister)--I found that picture yesterday when going through Francisco's family pictures and scanning them. That family album is a gold mine, let me tell you, and I have only just begun to scan.

Our holiday was pretty good. The only thing not good about it was that Esther ended up requiring medication; Francisco picked it up from the vet on Friday morning, and it was a once-a-day thing, so he and I couldn't stay overnight at my sister's place on Saturday night, since we needed to be home on Sunday morning to give Esther her pill. Really only one of us needed to be there, but I didn't want him driving alone, since it was a lot of driving for just one person to do, hence the both of us driving around. We left Sharky at Minired's place, though, so he could entertain his grandparents and dazzle them with his tallness and his hair.

Things we did at Minired's:

1) Play games (dominoes, cards, Taboo)
2) Eat things
3) Chat
4) Take our portraits in Jeanne's bathroom
5) Open gifts and do the annual white elephant exchange
6) Take a walk
7) Dote on Missy

And speaking of Missy, here is a bonus gift, Internet. I like to call it 'Missy and the Ham: A Love Story'

Missy and the ham; a love story

Gifts I received [please note--I was terribly spoiled and did not need so many things]:

1) Pink plastic bling-bling ring (it's at least 70 karats)
2) Electric leg shaver [this is something I wanted, and the best thing about this particular shaver, so far, is how the packaging says, "BONUS! Detail Trimmer". "Detail Trimmer" displaces "Slim Fit Condoms" as my #1 favorite euphemism]
3) How Soccer Explains the World. I'm going to take this back, actually, because Francisco also received a copy of it, from his sister, and there's no reason to have two copies in the house, though I AM wanting Francisco to hurry up and finish it so I can read it.
4) Arrested Development, season one, on dvd. Awesome!!
5) A coffee grinder. We already have one, but I've been wanting a second one to use solely for spices, as my Indian cookbook suggests. See also: Spoiled.
6) A sushi set--big and little plates, plus chopsticks. This is Great, because I'm going to start making sushi next year.
7) Manicure/pedicure set
8) $35 gift card to Borders. The only thing I dislike about this is it was presented as a stocking stuffer. Internet, please tell my mother she spends too much on gifts and that stocking stuffers are supposed to be cheap things. Thank you cooperate.
9) Liverpool clock!! This baby is going up in the living room, just as soon as we put batteries in it.
10) Liverpool air freshener for the car. It is in there as we speak.
11) Happy Bunny stickers
12) Napoleon Dynamite talking figurine. I brought it to work so it can live on my desk, and when my boss was bugging me a few minutes ago I pressed the button and Napoleon said, "I wish you'd get out of my face and shut up". Happy coincidence or a little love from the Universe? Probably the former, but I wish it was the latter.
13) A new mattress. This was Francisco's and my gift to each other, and I'm happy with it, though at first it seemed a bit too firm (my arms fell asleep at least a dozen times the first night) and I was missing the comfy trench I'd worn in our old mattress. I'm just about used to the new mattress now, though, and I'm glad we got it.

I've found my new dream job, though I'm pretty sure it would only be very part-time and might not actually pay. I want to serve on the Dubious Goals Panel. First of all, I love the word 'dubious' in that context, and also, it would be fun. This is absolutely neither here nor there, except yesterday morning we watched the Liverpool/Newcastle game, which Liverpool won 2-0, and once again one of Peter Crouch's goals is pending credit to him until the Dubious Goals Panel can review the footage. I'm positive they'll award it to him, because we saw the footage over and over again during the game, and it's clear it was his and not a keeper own-goal, though it Was a weird goal.

Song of the Day: Sleater Kinney -- Rollercoaster, at No Frontin'.

I'll post more songs tomorrow--I know I've been terribly lax about that recently. I'm turning over a new leaf, Internet! You'll see.

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