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Today I did a bunch of work finalizing funding for last year (and as a result I'm feeling much better about work now) but at one point I had to call the feds for help with software. I unfortunately dialed the wrong place to start with, so the guy was going to transfer me to the right place, and I had told him my name but he was calling me Yvonne. Once he transferred me to the right place, That guy started calling me Yvonne and I said, "It's Eva, actually. I was just going along with that Yvonne thing." Then I discovered the first guy was still on the line (conference call-type thing) and oh how we all laughed! Oy.

I would just like to note that if you're going to rifle through something in the past tense, it is rifled, not riffled. I see "riffled" an awful lot and my inner English teacher is becoming an alcoholic.

For days and days I've been meaning to recommend Crest Whitening, cinnamon flavor. If you don't like Big Red gum, you won't like the toothpaste, because it tastes exactly like Big Red. But if you DO like it, boy are you in for a treat; I can't get enough of the tooth brushing lately.

This Weekend, by Tattoobelly

This weekend we do not have any concrete plans, other than going out to breakfast on Sunday, because it's been far too long since we went out to breakfast. I have many projects I could work on (Mitch Masters, I have not forgotten about you) and some chores to do. I also want to make split pea soup this weekend, because it is delicious and we haven't had it in a long time. And I plan to read, and Boy will also hopefully read, because I ordered a book for him and a book for me on Wednesday, and they arrived today. Oh hey, can I pimp a couple of children's books for a minute? They are both by Mike Davis; the first one is Land of the Lost Mammoths and the second (which I assume is as good as the Mammoths--Boy will let me know) is Pirates, Bats, and Dragons. They can both be purchased from Perceval Press. Boy really loved the Mammoths book, and Francisco and I liked it as well (YES we read got a problem?). And Perceval Press has extremely fast shipping, which I love. So there you go. ANYway, it's going to rain all weekend and I'm very pleased. I like a rainy weekend because the house feels cozier that way. There's a Greek festival going on in Raleigh this weekend, but considering that I almost had a claustrophobic apeshit freakout when we went to it last year, I think we'll be giving it a miss. It wasn't that great anyway. So, this has been the advance story of my weekend. The End.

Francisco will be here to collect me any minute now. I hope you all have wonderful weekends.


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