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I'm back from Oregon and my niece is so ridiculously adorable. She crawls super fast (though she doesn't actually get anywhere super fast--it's just her arms and legs going quickly) and she babbles and she tries to get her foot in her mouth and she sleeps on her stomach with her butt in the air. She regarded me with suspicion for about 12 hours and then started smiling at me when I'd smile at her. AND toward the end of my visit, when I'd smile at her and say "hey baby" she'd smile and put her right hand up to her right ear, which seems to signal shyness, or maybe coyness, with her. She liked putting a blanket over her head while we said, "Where's Amelie, where did she go??" and then she'd take it off and we'd say, "there she is!" while she grinned. And yesterday morning I did this thing where I'd march right at her (while she was sitting on the floor) and at the last minute before trampling her I'd widen my legs so I was walking over/around her and then resume my marching. I did that for a long time because she laughed a lot and it took awhile for her to get tired of it. So to sum up, I continue to love that baby like crazy. It was also great to see my sister and parents (of course). We didn't go anywhere or do anything, except my mom took me to Trader Joe's yesterday morning before I left. I got some good things; some of them not entirely unhealthy. Oh, but my brother was going to hang out with us this weekend except he got some terrible flu that made him unable to stop puking until he got some anti-barf medicine from the doctor. It's good he went when he did, because he was getting extremely dehydrated. He was bummed that he couldn't come see us and meet Amelie, but he was sick the whole weekend and his doctor told him to stay in and to especially avoid children and old people, which was 3/5 of my parents' house population. Poor guy, I hope he's feeling better.

So, on Friday night I got some new sunglasses, because I'd broken mine in half during our move (accidentally) and it's been too sunny to be without sunglasses now. And the reason I'm bringing this up is to say that I LOVE my new sunglasses. They're not expensive, but what I love is they have rose-colored lenses, and I knew from my stint as a sunglasses salesperson that rose lenses heighten contrast, but I didn't know they made everything prettier in general. I thought that phrase "looking at the world through rose-colored glasses" was just an old wives tale or something. But hot Damn they make the world look better! I want a rose filter for my camera (if such a thing exists) so my pictures have that same prettiness. It would also be good if everyone who looks at me on a regular basis wore rose-colored lenses so I always looked as lovely as possible. If you look at me frequently, please to go shopping, stat.

In addition to getting new sunglasses, I got a new phone and I'm very happy with it. It's not fancy but I love it because it's much smaller than my old one (which was brick-like and had an antenna that had to be extended prior to use) and it flips open and makes cute noises and has a camera in it. Yay! I am Loving using it, let me tell you. Text me, call me!

Something I keep forgetting to tell you about involves not crazy Crazy Kevin. Apparently Sharky and a friend were in the Fred Meyer (west coast store; like a Target) a few weeks ago, and they were in the toy section, playing with a soccer ball. Note: They were probably being obnoxious and I do not condone that, but it's over now and I cannot go back in time to stop them. Anyway, some young store employee got huffy with them and asked them where their parent or guardian was (I guess the store has a rule that minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian). Sharky the smartass pointed to Crazy Kevin, who was sitting nearby on a for-sale couch, muttering to himself and writing in his notebook. The store employee gave Sharky a dirty look but went over to Kevin and asked if he was Sharky's parent or guardian, and Kevin said yes, so the store employee left looking disgruntled. I just love that Kevin said he was the parent/guardian of my kid; that makes me laugh.

I called Miles yesterday afternoon to chat [I am officially hereby declaring my intention to overcome my phone phobia in 2008. Forthwith!!] and it was great to talk to him but I'm worried about him because he was kind of bummed and aggravated due to stupid circumstances brought on by stupid people. Universe, please do what you can for our Miles.

Also, Universe, please do everything you can for our Kate. I'm not going to tell the world her bidness, but I'm concerned about her and want as many positive health and love rays to be directed toward her as you can spare. Send lots of them, Universe.

No plans for tonight that I know of. I appear to be getting a cold (very sore throat; tired) so what I want to do is be lazy and sedentary and go to bed early. Business as usual, basically. Yesterday I got my first Interweave Knits magazine (subscribed a few weeks ago), and I don't really like any of the patterns. I'll look through there again but last night when I perused it there was nothing I wanted to make. DISAPPOINTMENT. But it figures; I've been considering subscribing to that magazine for years, so naturally once I finally do it, the new issue is meh for me. That seems about right.

Why am I still talking.




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