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Since none of you lazies could arsed to do a wee spot of math, I did the calculations myself on how much water the boss has wasted during the time I've worked here by letting it run while he pisses, and the rough estimate (which I think is low) is 7,749 gallons. I don't know what that would look like if it was piled together in one place, but I'll bet it would be a small pond, at least. I typed a little message about how much water running the bathroom faucet for 2 minutes, 4 times per day, 4 days per week, 40 weeks per year wastes and taped it onto the wall just above the sink in the bathroom, hoping the boss will Stop with the wasting, but I know he won't.

The song of the day is Black Lipstick's 'Grandma Airplane', which can be found here along with a few other Black Lipstick songs. Francisco really loves this song, and I do too, but what I also like about this song is, Miles was talking about it awhile back and saying how good it was, so I was going to download it but then I found it in our iTunes library. I have no idea when I put it there, but apparently drunk downloading is a good thing after all. Who knew?

One of my favorite streaming stations, Radio Active, from Wellington, NZ, was out of order for awhile, but now it's back up and running and I'm listening to it all day, every day. Sometimes I don't absolutely love the music they play, but fortunately they play a variety so I never have very long to listen to stuff I'm not crazy about (noodly jazz, I'm looking at you. you too, reggae).

So, you know how my 20 year high school class reunion is coming up, and I'm not going to it but I'm helping plan? That was a good move on my part, offering to help plan. There's a handful of people helping and some of the emails that are going back and forth from the planners are pretty interesting. I love to see the politics behind things such as class reunions. A quick (and probably boring) example: One of our former classmates plays in a band, and he was sort of lobbying to have his band play during one night of the reunion. The main planner was asking what everyone thought, and 100% of the other planners were saying NO WAY! One went so far as to impune the classmate personally for being a jackass (though she didn't use that word) and I'm just sitting back over here, happy to be privvy to the innerworkings of people I don't know anymore. I also like that none of them can write a coherent sentence, even the salutatorian, because it makes me feel smart.

Esther has recently taken to sleeping between Francisco's and my pillows at night, and I like that, but Francisco isn't so crazy about it, because he always seems to get the ass end. I just thought I'd mention this, internet, though it has no relevance to you, personally. She likes to lash him in the face with her tail when he least expects it, which is pretty much all the time when he's asleep. She is So Cute.

I've got nothing else to tell you, and I really did try to think of something, but that's it for today.

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