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When I was a kid I wanted to live in White Plains, NY, because that's where Nancy Drew lived.

Work is so crazy and annoying right now, and I want to kill one of my coworkers. She has treated me like I'm a bitch for the past month because I've asked for files I knew I should have, because they were ready, and then today she gives me a pile and says there's more coming, and these are files I should've had for a month. And I'm supposed to have these files done before I go on my vacation, which I don't know I can do, and I'm trying to think of ways to make her life miserable. Underhanded and sneaky ways, because overt ways don't work with her. I'm launching Operation Make "Amber" [the name I will call her] Miserable, and I already started this morning by not alphabetizing a bunch of stuff that she'll have to put in order later. Tough shit, Amber. You chose to make my life hard, and you'll suffer the consequences. I know that alphabetizing stuff isn't going to make her miserable, but she'll be miserable if I pile this kind of shit up on her, and I will. I'm mean, but I'm soooo angry. Possibly I will get over it.

All is well, except for work being sucky. My doctor appointment went great last Friday and instead of decreasing my Synthroid, I'm test-driving an increase. My levels had gone down from my last test a year ago, indicating that an increase could be needed. I think it's helping--I feel better the past couple of days. Also, I'm completely decaffeinated now, which was a bitch as far as weaning myself off the caffeine went, but is a good thing, I think. I miss the little jolt I got from caffeine in the mornings--just a little push to get me started--but I'll get used to not having it. Someday.

Boy's party went well--it was a controlled fiasco from start to finish. Meaning that it was loud and chaotic and things were broken, but the kids all had fun and no one was injured. Well, Boy had a collision with another kid at the laser tag place and got a major bloody nose, but it isn't broken or anything, and he had a great time. But just let me ask you this: When did it become common practice for kids to give each other cards full of money?? At Boy's party he got one gift and 3 cards with money, and I don't know when this started being a thing, because when I was a kid we only got money from relatives. I don't like this trend and I'm going to buck it.

Boy got contact lenses on Monday. Francisco took him to the appointment, thinking they'd have to order lenses for him, but they had them in stock. Boy had no trouble with the putting in the lenses and taking them out, so they gave him a pair and an extra lense and sent him on his way. He got two week disposables and he needs to go back in two weeks to get checked out again before they give him more (other than the one extra). He's doing well with them so far, but I know from personal experience that there will be minor lense traumas. At some point one will fall out, and there will be searching. At some point he'll get one stuck under his eyelid, and at some point he will lose one down the sink. It's the circle of life and is to be expected, and at least his lenses were relatively cheap. I was ripping and loses lenses when they cost a lot more, and oh my poor parents. Boy is So loving having contact lenses--I think he feels very grown up and responsible. He's very cute.

Tomorrow night is Snoop Dogg and the RHCP--I'm so excited! Not only am I going to a concert for the first time in forEVer, but I'm also going to see the one band I am a true fan of. We worked out a babysitter for Boy but it involved giving up on getting someone to come stay at our house and instead asking the vegan parents if he could stay overnight there. We knew that was a last resort, and it was a last resort only because it's a school night and we didn't want to inconvenience them, but we couldn't find anyone else (we have a list of recommended sitters that my employer puts out) who was free that night. So to the vegans it is, and Boy is happy because he thinks that's going to be really fun. We need to buy the vegans a thank-you gift, so we'll get right on that.

Done at work, at long last, and I'm going home. Taking files with me, but at least I can do them in front of the telly.


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