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I wish I were rich. If I were rich, I would open a gay literature lending library, across the street from Gerald Allen's office, for I hate him and everything he stands for. We would, of course, install bullet-proof glass, and hire large, menacing men as security--it's Alabama, after all. It would be so fun to be rich, since I could spend all my money rattling the chains of various bigots and assholes, and funding things I believe in, such as gay literature lending libraries. If there's an eccentric, elderly rich person reading this right now, please feel free to put me in your will; I swear won't let you down.

I forgot to tell you about when I took the cats to the vet on Saturday morning, but then again, there's not much to tell. Lucy did her funny growling thing, which cracks me up, and they both got all worked up in the car, but that's about it. We've got a prescription for Esther's steroid inhaler, and we're going to get it for her, but it's $80 (at Costco, no less!) and it should last no longer than 3 months. This is way more expensive than the oral prednisone, but it'll be better for her too, so if we have to spend $320/year for her health, then so be it. 'Husky Ne'er Do-Well' keeps getting farther and farther from my grasp...

This afternoon I got a call from a woman who sounded a lot like Rosie Perez, so though she asked a lot of dumb questions (dumb because if she'd read our packet of information, she would've known the answers), the call amused me. This was especially true when, as she was getting ready to hang up, she thanked me for calling. Um. Buh?

Last night Francisco concocted a salad dressing so unbelievably delicious that I will be posting the recipe here sometime soon. He was trying to make a version of the dressing I "invented" by using caesar dressing and Thai peanut sauce, but what he ended up with was a grillion times better. It's good we only made a one loaf salad, because I could've eaten salad last night until I died.

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