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Francisco and I walked at lunch, and during the walk we passed some construction equipment/workers, and I thought I heard a MEOW! noise from their general vicinity. I asked Francisco if he'd heard a cat and he said he thought it was just a MEOW-like noise from one of the machines. I got to thinking, wouldn't it be great if machines made MEOW (or other animal) noises to indicate they were working? Like, if you could put your car into 4-wheel drive (if you had that option) and it would go "MEOW!", and you could say, "The Meow Drive is engaged; let's go off-roading!" Or when you're pushing the buttons on the microwave, if instead of going "beep" they went "quack" or something. I just think that would make life a lot more fun.

You know what else would be fun? Carrying a whole wheel of cheese onto an airplane, as your carry-on item. We saw a big wheel of cheese at the market the other day and for some reason started thinking about carrying it onto a plane. The best would be sticking it in that bag-measuring thing at the gate, to test and make sure it was small enough. I don't think airport security would let a person carry a wheel of cheese onto a plane, but it would be funny.

Props to Juan the Magnificent, who hooked me up with the Spanish for "naked doll bodies". It is cuerpos desnudos de muňecos, and those bodies have already been labeled. Juan snuck a birthday by me, last week, but he's foolish if he thinks there won't be something in the mail for him soon. And I've written the birthday in my calendar, so next year, there will be no sneaking. Do you hear that, Juan? No sneaking!

This weekend there is not much on the agenda, but that's okay. I've started yet another knitting project and will probably work on that quite a lot (it's fun), as well as doing all those normal weekend chore things. Sunday we're going to dim sum, and I'm particularly looking forward to the jellyfish salad and those dumpling things with red bean paste on the inside, that have the fantastic crunchy sesame outer shell. I need to get the official name of those, because what I just called them is Way too long.

I better scoot along home now--it's Cocktail Friday.

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