Hey there, internet. Eva didn't feel much like writing, since I, and the 105 degree heat we've been having, have sapped the lifeforce right out of her. If she HAD felt like writing, she would probably tell you thank you So Much for your interview outfit advice. She has decided to wear pants, because she wanted to in the first place, but wasn't sure they would look professional enough. Thanks to you, she is reassured. She will purchase a new shirt for the occasion, to wear under a suit jacket, because the shirts she has in her closet aren't interview-professional enough to wear by themselves, were she to remove the jacket during the interview, which she undoubtedly will. But at least she doesn't have to shop for shoes and nylons, since she already has shoes that go with her pants.

Eva is currently trying to work up the gumption to go outside, which she needs to do so she can buy crunchies for the cats, as they are almost out. I don't know how hot it is outside, but it's 80 degrees inside, with the air conditioner going full blast. If this was my house (which is to say, if blemishes could own houses, and this was my house, though of course that would never happen, due to pervasive worldwide prejudice against blemishes), the first thing I would do would be to install a new heat/AC unit, because the one that's here now is 30 years old and does a crap job. It battled valiantly all day yesterday but the inside temperature eventually reached 90 degrees, before the sun went down and things cooled off. The heat isn't fun, but it's much more bearable here for these puny humans, given that the humidity is low and the temperatures cool down to 60 degrees overnight. That was not the case in North Carolina.

Francisco traveled to Seattle yesterday and took his mom to dinner (Indian food! Eva was so jealous) before they caught a late ferry over to Bremerton, which is where his mom lives. He and she are working at her home site even as I type, and fortunately for them, it's much cooler in Bremerton. He'll be returning home tomorrow, and Eva will be glad to see him.

This morning Eva had a message from Francisco's sister to say she hadn't been feeling well, but is feeling better now. Her husband, however, was up all night puking and is still feeling poorly. Frances has chicken pox; she's had it for a couple of weeks and they thought it was almost over, but she broke out in fresh pox a couplethree days ago, and now they're a bit worried she won't be allowed to travel on the day they're supposed to come back. Since pox are blemishes, I'm of course rooting for them, but Eva is hoping this is the last of them and that they're completely gone asap. She also hopes Sonny feels better very soon and that no one has a recurrence of illness.

Well, Eva wants to take a shower now, so I'll say goodbye. It was nice talking to you and maybe I'll see you again sometime.

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