we'll talk about old times and people we hate


There was a guy I went to high school with--he was a senior when I was a freshman, but he was still in my group of friends--who was really smart and sweet and everyone liked him. He had a brief crush on me and I probably would've liked him back except I couldn't get past his body odor. It wasn't like a normal B.O. smell at all, and I can't even describe it except to say, you know how ferrets smell? It was kind of like that. His brother was in my class and they resembled each other except his brother didn't have the ferret B.O. I wonder whatever happened to that guy. His brother who was in my class was killed a couple of years after we graduated--some kind of vehicle accident, I believe. That was sad.

I have one Song of the Day for you, and then a song site of the day. The Song of the Day is David Fridlund's "April & May"--it can be downloaded here, and you can see a video of the song there as well. I'm completely in love with this song, and it's been stuck in my head since Saturday. You owe it to yourself to go listen to it so it can be stuck in your head too. The song site of the day is actually Amazon's free downloads. You won't find anything obscure there, but I found puh-lenty of artists I like--Tom Waits, Sufjan Stevens, Four Tet, Steve Malkmus, etc. You have to sign in to download, but most people have registered at Amazon by now, right? Let's say yes.

Yesterday I was trying to buy my dad something online, except the website kept asking me to enter information I'd already entered. I got really mad and started yelling at the website, cussing it out but good (I was alone in the house), and then I decided I would have to order by telephone. They didn't have customer service people there on Sundays, so I wrote myself a note that says "Call Monday after 8 am--retain righteous anger". I haven't called yet but I Do still feel a little irritated, so there's that.

Do you know, Sharky grew 7/8 of an inch during the past two weeks? No wonder he's been eating so voraciously. His two friends who spent the night on Friday night were also voracious eaters, especially the one who looked 18 and like an Abercrombie and Fitch model. Thankfully he acted 14 and dorky, or else it would've been weird having him around. Anyway, as I said earlier today, I have seen our future and it is Hungry. Joyce! Lay in some supplies; heavy on the carbs.

On Saturday morning we took the boys on a forced march through the forest near our house, and afterwards both Francisco and Sharky's old-looking friend found ticks crawling on them. No one was bitten, and when I took a shower after the hike I was clean of ticks as well. But Then Francisco and I got back in the car to go to a farmers' market out west (which we didn't find but that was good because we ended up at a kickass tienda where we bought good foods and a couple of homies), and I guess there were still ticks in the car, because I woke up on Sunday morning with two of them attached to my body. Charmed, I'm sure. There was one deer tick (below navel and slightly to the left) and one dog tick (on my waist, right side), so I can hardly wait to see which one I'll get: Lyme Disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. The suspense is killing me! The smart money's on RMSF, since I had it last year and the tick that bit me came from that same forest. That would really suck, though, since I need to attend my class reunion in less than two weeks--I want to feel my best when I'm seeing all those classmates again. We'll see what happens.

I'm sure I had more to tell you, but I'm out of time now.

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