they better be some damn good lentils


Okay, so I feel better today. I still want to buy a house and move as soon as possible, but I'm no longer weeping about it, and I really must count that as an improvement. We went over to Twyla and Sonny's at 6:00 last night and had dinner with the nieces, and then watched a movie (Charlotte's Web). I was a little worried Baby Frances would get nervous without her mom and dad in the house, but she was totally chill about the situation and a good time was had by all. Francisco left earlier than I did, so he could get ready for work, but I got home at about 8:30 and was able to see him off. I slept well again last night, and do you know, something that really helped me feel better about this whole graveyard shift thing was realizing how blissfully happy it makes our cats. They are Thrilled to have one or the other of us in bed for 2/3 of the day. I mean, they were going to be sleeping that much anyway, but they vastly prefer sleeping with us. Another good sleep thing, for all four of us, is that we switched to the down comforter on Sunday, since the nights are quite chilly now, and it's just so damn cozy.

This morning I woke up around 5:15, got up, made coffee, fed cats, watched the Daily Show, and then started constructing our dinner for tonight (to go into the slow cooker). It took me longer than I expected because I had to sear meat and I had to do it in two batches (Francisco bought Massive chops), but I was still only 7 minutes late to work. YAY! Also this morning I was fretting about my near-total lack of exercise since the gym closed, and I realized alla sudden that hey, we get several channels that have "fitness" shows on in the early morning! I had forgotten about that. I think I'll record a few and see which ones are good, because with Francisco out of the house, I don't need to worry about waking anyone up with the noises of my indoor exercising. I don't count Sharky in that because NOTHING wakes him up; he has slept through some of the most horrendous thunderstorms Ever. This seems like an excellent temporary solution to our lack of a treadmill, which we can't get until we move because there's no room for it. I'm very pleased to have thought of this and I'll let you know how it works out.

During my lunch hour I went to the hippy health food grocery store to get a few spices we needed, and I also did some planned impulse shopping. I got 4 pounds of French green lentils, some unsweetened carob chips (which I like better than sweetened), some dried pineapple rings, and 4 Lara bars (on sale). I was sort of afraid of the total but it was only $21 so then I relaxed. I got the French lentils because I keep hearing about them and how good they are and they were on sale, plus I knew it would please Francisco because he's been on a lentil kick recently. It's sort of amazing how cheap dried beans/legumes are and how good and healthy and etc they are. I'm very much in favor of upping our consumption of them and since there is so much variety in the bean/legume family, we would hopefully not tire of them.

I have considered reinstating the song of the day (remember that from waaaaaay back? good times) but instead I would like to direct you to my beloved friend, Miles', blog. His musical taste is unerring and he doesn't offer new songs every day, but he puts out at least 7 new ones every week, so you could just download one per day and pretend it's the song of the day. Something I would like to do instead of a song of the day is a photo of the day. They will all be from Flickr, and today's photo is this one. I'll be selecting from ones I saved as favorites, and today's is a favorite from a couple years ago.

Going home now, lambies.



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