a free but unwanted high


My place of employ has been getting new carpet this week and it's been pretty grim in a lot of ways. I try not to overreact to things, for fear of being a hypochondriac, but I don't think it's a coincidence that I'm feeling super tired and a little spacey during the same week I'm having to breathe a lot of carpet glue and new paint (another improvement happening this week). The glue is the Worst and even as I type I'm being gassed all over again, as my office is right next to the area having glue applied to it. [The reason for the glue, btw, is that the floor under the carpet is concrete, so they're gluing it down. They're using those carpet squares and it looks pretty nice when it's in, but it's time-consuming and super stinky, and also, is it just me or is it pretty dumb to have new carpet put down BEFORE the painting? Because that's the way they're doing it and it seems like a disaster waiting to happen.] They did my office yesterday along with my boss's and Baby Rich's (we're all on the same hall), so I was nomadic and ended up doing some manual labor to help put the back room back together--they got their new carpet Monday. This morning my furniture had been put back and I just had to unpack my 4 boxes of stuff and get my computer plugged in and back together. I think the new carpet is worth the hassle--the old stuff was Horrific--but this week so far is sucking. One of our student workers said we could at least get high off the fumes, and I told her I prefer to get high off wine and that fumes are for poor people.

I can't think anymore. But one thing I thought of when my brain was still working is how after my first date with Francisco I went home and told my roommates that I was going to marry him. I like that I knew that early, and I love that we're still together, 17+ years after getting married.




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