freeballing an entry


Just real quick, internet, I want to tell you that I wore my fake fur coat to work today, and when I was walking home in the dark I started laughing like a crazy woman, because I crossed an intersection where a car was preparing to stop (stop sign) and got a mental flash of that bigfoot film, like that's what the driver would think he/she saw when it was just me in my coat. I know I'm easily amused, you don't have to tell me.

I stopped by Photo Haus on my way home, to pick up prints (NOT good), and had a great conversation with Jessica. She is interesting and kind and funny--she's a student at the university, studying primate communication, so she's all the time at the primate center that did not want to hire me (remember the chimp job? that one). Anyway, they can't develop the infrared film but she has a friend who's majoring in photography, so she's going to ask him if he might be interested in developing it for me. See? Kind.

This weekend I'm going to do chores and work on projects and probably see the Borat movie, which HOLY HELL I'm so excited about. Have a great weekend!


PS It occurs to me I forgot to tell you my coworker, Greg, gave me 3 rolls of infrared film he recently unearthed at home, so that's why I'm looking for someone to develop it. I'll probably only shoot one roll, because this film is way past expired and most likely won't work anymore--the infrared film is far touchier than normal film.



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