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Today I am being repeatedly amused by my YOUR AD HERE wallpaper (it takes very little to amuse me sometimes). Because I was dissatisfied with the idea that my screensaver would cover up my wallpaper when I'm away from my desk, I changed the screensaver to a "picture slideshow", which will cycle through the stuff in my "My Photos" file. Luckily all I had in there was the YOUR AD HERE bmp, so I made another one that says THIS SPACE FOR RENT and saved it in that folder too. This means no matter how long I'm away from my deak, there is no time at which it will Not look like a billboard, and that pleases me.

The boss is out today and that was the greatest news I could've received this morning, since I arrived at work really pissed off at him and not in the mood for any of his foolishness. One of my coworkers (someone I can trust to keep secrets) told me she heard from BMW Barbie that the boss is going to send flowers to Joyce next week, and this makes me think two things: 1) if he sends the flowers, I hope he does it on Monday when I'm out for jury duty and 2) it might very well have been him who left "Joyce's" condom on my desk yesterday. And that makes me think another thing--GROCE! I really really don't want him to send flowers to Joyce because I don't like him and if it's him that's doing the Joyce-related pranks that'll ruin Joyce for me. Annoying.

I worked for a lot of hours today--I guess things are starting to gear up for our busy time, or El Tiempo Malo. I spend 4 hours today loading information onto our computer system, and I have the carpal tunnel to prove it. I'm going home now, and I'm not sure what I'm doing this weekend but it will definitely include cocktails and Survivor tonight and some light shopping at Target on Sunday morning while it's relatively deserted.

I'm hungry.
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