Hey, did you watch the SuperBowl? Because I didn't. Francisco and I took a walk, during which I took pictures with the camera my dad gave me. I believe I've finally figured out the exposure settings, and if the pics from this roll turn out well, it will probably move into the Number One Favorite Camera spot, bumping the Smena 6 to number two. I really like the noise the Canon's shutter makes; it's very ka-chunky and reassuring. Anyway, we returned from our walk around 4:00, to find Sharky laying in misery on his bed. He had barfed (thoughtfully leaving it in the toilet for us to enjoy), and that was just the first of many for the kid--he barfed several more times before the final puke at 10:30. We'd been waiting for that last barf for about 90 minutes, because we wanted to give him ibuprofen for his fever (101, thank you very much) but didn't want it coming straight back up. After the final barfing and subsequent enpillenating, he slept through til morning and woke up feeling better. We kept him home today and apparently he's been reclining on the couch all day, being piteous, but not vomiting. We'll keep him home tomorrow too. Francisco and I have both felt pretty weird today, and think it somewhat likely that we'll end up with this flu as well, but so far no barf.

Before Sharky's flu started, it was a pretty good weekend. We loved having Twyla and family visit on Saturday and Sunday [side note: I hope they are not sick]; we mainly just hung out, but we also took them on a brief tour of town, and on Sunday Sharky and Sonny played indoor soccer at the high school. Nobody dislocated Baby Frances' elbow, and Lou is as in love with Sharky as ever: I consider the weekend an unqualified success. Although, if I found out one or more of them got the stomach flu, I would have to revise that success estimate. Baby Frances cracked me up on a near-continuous basis. She's really into claiming what's hers ("MINE!"), which is funny and she's jealous of any attention Lou gets from their parents (also funny). I don't know, man; that kid is just hilarious.

I'm feeling pretty meh about writing now, so I'm going to stop.




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