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So, you know how I took off my wedding ring last week, after 17 1/2 years of constant wear? I sort of want it back (it's in the safe) because it's really weird to not be wearing it, but my finger meat is kind of jacked up. There's an indentation in my finger where the ring used to be that I expected to go away pretty quickly, but it's not going away. My finger meat has apparently been shoved up my finger by my ring and this is not a particularly attractive look. When I told Francisco I wanted my ring back he counseled me to wait at least until my finger meat has redistributed itself correctly, and I think that's a good idea, but I wish it would hurry. But also, after it redistributes, what if my ring no longer fits? I guess in that case I could wait until I'm back at my fighting weight, because it should fit then, but if not I could have the ring sized. Fascinating, I know. Well I just like saying 'finger meat', so sue me.

I started drinking the oil yesterday but haven't noticed any real difference in my hunger. However, my hunger readout at this time cannot be trusted, for cyclical reasons, so I'm going to keep on with the oil and see if the hunger management kicks in later this week. Swallowing the oil isn't too bad, probably because I put it in a little water first and shoot the whole thing back like tequila, but neither is it the most pleasant thing ever. If I don't notice it helping within a week or so, I'm going to give up, because if I'm still hungry why bother to ingest those extra oil calories? No reason I can see.

The weekend parties we went to in Seattle were fun, the birthday party on Sunday being the more fun one. The grownup party on Saturday night was pretty much like all the parties that group has, except people didn't seem to get quite so drunk as last year, based on what I saw, however Francisco and I left at about 11:00, so anything coulda happened after that. I fear I was a bit rude to a few people at one point when I was in the basement bar/dance area. I was chatting with the bartender (a friend of ours) when Rock Lobster started playing. I love that song and loved dancing to it in high school [see also: old] and so I leaped up and danced. The other people who were dancing were doing their usual drunk-clump-of-people-gyrating-slowly-and-in-what-they-think-is-a-sexy-manner thing and I could not believe it. I told them that it was a New Wave song for eff sake, and that if they weren't in danger of injuring someone with their flailing, they were doing it wrong. I demonstrated and they broke their clump and started doing their own flailing. Therefore, success, and probably none of them remembers that incident, but if they did remember, they might marvel at my high-handedness, and as well they should.

The joint B. Frances/Sharky birthday party on Sunday was, as I say, the better one, even though Twyla and Sonny's refrigerator broke during the early morning hours and they were scrambling for extra ice and space in their neighbors refrigerators. I think the kids had fun; they got presents and Sharky got to play soccer with Sonny's team on Sunday morning:

talking strategy probably

Heh. Oh dear. I will have you know Francisco took that, and in all innocence.

One fun element of the party were the mystery treats and beverages. Sonny went to Uwajimaya (big Asian grocery in Seattle) and got a bunch of treats that he unpackaged and put in dishes for people to try, with the names taped (I think--I never looked) on the bottom of the dishes. He also got a bunch of drinks in cans and put them in a tub with ice, with a cloth over the top so people couldn't see in. Anyone wanting to try a mystery beverage stuck their hand in and had to drink what they pulled out. I got some kind of aloe thing with aloe chunks that I have to say was pretty good. The Hawthorne berry thing Sonny's friend JJ got...not so much. That was the worst beverage I tried, and the one treat I didn't like was the pickled mango--how mango could be so utterly ruined I do not know. Anyway, if you live someplace with good Asian groceries (or Indian or etc), I recommend doing this mystery food/drink thing for parties--everyone enjoyed it a lot and we expanded our horizons and whatnot.

In other news, I am angry at soft water, specifically the soft water at the motel Francisco and I stayed at on Saturday night, after the party. The motel itself was great and a tremendous bargain for the Seattle area, but the water was super soft and somehow has given me bad hair; not just on Sunday (which was terrible hair) but even still, though I've washed it twice since. Soft water, I don't know how and I don't know when, but I will have my revenge.

I was so unbelievably tired yesterday--just bone weary--and I got tireder and tireder as the day wore on, and then at 4:40 I started my period. Sorry men, but it's the truth, and I was glad because A) I'm retaining very much water and 2) it was really nice to have some reason for being on the verge of collapse. I went home and put on track pants and did pretty much nothing for the whole evening until I went to bed just after 9:00. I feel much better today, the end.

One of my goals this week with my coworker Greg (he is also going to be an Accountability Friend like Catie is, though Catie is of course my main Accountability Friend) is that I will scan a picture of my mom that I have, taken when she was 18, and then I'll frame and hang it. I've had this picture for a long time and have for whatever reason not yet framed it, so this is a good goal. This morning before work I went to the place where I just knew the picture was, but it wasn't there. I then looked in all the other places I thought it was and it wasn't there either. I guess when we were packing to move I put it in a different place, for safekeeping, and most likely it's in one of the boxes in our storage area. So I guess I won't be crossing that off my list this week, Dammit. I'm extremely vexed but I know I HAVE the photo, it's just not accessible.

Today I read Catie's diary where she talks about taking a kid summer vacation and I decided to take a day off next month and do just that. It'll be when Sharky's at his grandparents' (we're delivering him on July 28th), and Franciso will be at work so I'll have the whole day to do kid things. I'm going to buy a bunch of popsicles and get a good book from the library and I'll take a page from Catie's book and go to the park and swing. I'm really looking forward to this and I'm going to try and remember all the stuff I did when I was a kid and incorporate as many things as possible. Yay!

And now I'm going home.




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