so...FTP what now?


Two things for today:

1) This afternoon I got me a website, and I was practically beaming with excitement until I realized just how completely over my head this whole business is. The hosting plan description included the promise of software that would help me, a person who knows very little of how these things work, construct a site, but now that I've signed up, I don't know where the hell this software is. I anticipate many a call to the help center, and I'm glad one of my friends lent me a book on "creating your first webpage", because kittens, I'm going to need it.

2) I put the funniest (to me) dvd on our netflix list, and it has arrived. It is DJ Dizzy's Dance Hizzy; an instructional dance video. Oh my mom, I can hardly wait. It's going to be so painfully good, and by the time I mail it back, I will be busting so many moves. Score!

I'm going to take a shower, put on clean pajamas, and make dinner--watch me go. Oh, I didn't buy shoes last night, because I only found one pair I liked, and they didn't fit right. That is all too common for me, which is why, in total defiance of the fat girl manifesto, I HATE shoe shopping. I would rather go to the dentist than shop for shoes, fah reals.

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