This weekend I regressed to caveman days, as my whole life revolved around fire; making fire, forcing Sharky to go to the backyard for more wood, feeding the fire so it wouldn't go out. It wasn't terrible, actually, and the house stayed warm (a little Too warm) and cozy. The furnace's motor is burned out, so the landlord is either going to replace the motor or the whole furnace; he hasn't decided yet. Either way, it should done be before the end of the day tomorrow, I believe, and then we can abandon this pioneer lifestyle.

So, Friday night I went to the Photo Haus and collected my cd of photos, as planned. Jessica was there and we were talking, and I asked her how long I could stand and chat before it got creepy. She laughed and said she'd been thinking about inviting me to play Apples to Apples with her and her neighbors, and asked if I'd want to do that on Sunday. I said yes (I love that game) and she said she'd have to see if her neighbors (all grad students) wanted to play, and that they might not because they all have projects they're working on, but she'd call me if they were going to play. She didn't call, but it doesn't matter because Yay! She wants to be my friend! This is exciting, since as I believe I've mentioned to you before, Internet, I don't make friends very easily and would like to get better at that. She already had all my phone numbers (gave them to her ostensibly in case she needed to call me about Photo Haus business), but we exchanged email addresses and I'll probably drop her a line this week to suggest some kind of get-together.

The other good thing related to Photo Haus is that I am very pleased with the way this batch of cross processed photos turned out--there was only one out of the 37 I didn't post to Flickr because it was very meh. I'm glad I like the pics so much, since they were $15--that chick who told me they'd be around $10 was WRONG--but the film itself was a Christmas gift, so I guess $15 isn't That bad, all things considered. Here are my favorites from the roll:


pull-ups, anyone?


The first is my most favorite, and it was the first one I took. I hadn't used the Smena for awhile, and I forgot to dial the rangefinder to the correct distance, and also my finger impeded the shutter lever, so I wrote that picture off entirely, but instead I love it. That kind of thing happens a lot.

Yesterday I made a batch of brownies to bring in to work--they are being consumed. I was going to make the batch last week (didn't--too lazy), and I had the ingredients staring me in the face (open cabinets, you know) so yesterday I decided to get it over with: Mission Accomplished.

In addition to dealing with fire, uploading pictures, and making brownies, this weekend I also did laundry, cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed, made a quiche, and grocery shopped. When I was at the grocery store I had to laugh at myself, because I was thinking about how one of my new favorite tv shows is Disorderly Conduct: Video on Patrol (on the Spike channel). I then noted the plastic pinky ring I was sporting, that Sharky had bought me from a 25 cent machine, plus the case of Busch Light in cans in my cart, and thought, "it might be time to take a hard look at my life". But then I decided I'm just going to embrace my love of trash tv, crap jewelry, cheap beer and move on.

Bye for now--I need to pee.




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