it's really hard to sleep through a fireworks show


You know what would be nice? If my brain/body could choose a emotion and stick with it. For instance, today Sharky went back home, and though I was excited for that to happen, today I am sad about it. How does this make sense, Brain/Body? Could we please get our emotion-creating chemicals working together for the common good? Or something? Annoying.

Yesterday in Seattle with Craige and Jeff was fun. I "led" them (meaning, I bumbled around fecklessly while they followed, probably shooting each other dubious looks behind my back) through Pike Place Market, and then we walked along the waterfront, saw the sculpture garden, and then up to the Science Fiction Museum, which is housed in the Experience Music Project building. It was fun to go through the SciFi museum, though it was WOEFULLY LIGHT on Doctor Who stuff. Shockingly light, really. But still fun, and I intend to read many early science fiction books, because they look entertaining. After the museum we walked back to Pike Place and got lunch, and I had planned to take us all to Uwajimaya, but it was almost 4:00 at that point, and I was feeling like I should start back to Eburg. So I left and they went on to do fun things that were not Uwajimaya, but hopefully they will get there while in Seattle, because I know they wanted to go and I regret not taking them.

At Pike Place I bought a super cute ring ($4!) that is a small turquoise felted ball, glued to a ring blank. It got me thinking how many things could potentially be glued to ring blanks, so now of course I need to order some. I also got a couple of potholders yesterday because a woman had made them in fun fabrics. One I bought features a shirtless cop sitting on a motorcycle, and the other has a shirtless fireman. I gave the potholders to Francisco but if he doesn't want them we can pass them along to his mother; she would think they were fun.

I don't think I told you but there's a dog that keeps coming into our yard to love the neighbor's dog through our fence. This wouldn't bother me if that effing dog didn't keep trampling through our garden beds, but he tramples and I am 100% done with him. We've been chasing him off but he keeps returning, and I have no idea where he lives but he lives SOMEwhere--he's got a collar and looks healthy. He runs away from us when we approach him, so we can't just take him by the collar and escort him from the property, in search of his people, or we would do that. ANYway, last night Francisco had had enough (after the dog had trampled plants three times in one hour), so he got his pepper spray (look away, PETA) and sprayed a tiny bit into the air in front of the dog's face, so that the dog got a snootful but didn't actually get sprayed. There was no yelping, but the dog took off and did not return, so I think Francisco accomplished his goal, which was to not Hurt the dog, but to deter the hell out of him. I felt a tiny bit bad about the pepper spraying, but dudes, he was trampling our baby lettuces. OUR BABY LETTUCES. Not acceptable.

So, I want to undertake a series of pointless projects, and the first will be to check out both Candy and Tori Spellings' recent autobiographies from the library and read them one after another, or perhaps concurrently, if I think that would work out better. I don't know why I want to do this, but I do. I will report back. Hmm, now that I'm thinking about it, MOST of my projects are pointless in the grand scheme of things, so I guess the Spelling autobiography project will fit right in.

Francisco tried to get our tickets for Australia today and ran into big problems getting a return trip--basically we can't get a return trip anytime in December using frequent flier miles. We could maybe go to Australia in late-ish December and return in January, but maybe not--Francisco didn't investigate that possibility yet because he doesn't know if he could get time off in January. Sooo, we could just BUY the tickets to Australia ($900-something right now. Amazing!) or we could switch to yet another destination. Francisco checked into ticket prices for NZ (as long as we're considering just spending money) but they're twice as expensive as Australia; not sure why. New Zealand, you are still off the table.

Hey, have you noticed Baby Catie has been updating her diary lately? I have been so enjoying reading her updates.




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