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Yesterday and today, a couple of the Janets [JEN, ANDREA] put a foot on my ass (metaphorically speaking) to push me into trying to sell my photos on Etsy. And you know, they're right; I should at least TRY it. I've checked into the Etsy store thing and it costs very little to list items for sale, so I can't see any reason I shouldn't give it a shot. But before I start a store and start listing things, I need to figure out if I'm going to print the photos myself or get them printed, and also check into my options for mailing envelopes and postage and stuff like that. I want to have all that in place, in the event that someone actually buys one of my photos, which I have trouble imagining happening, but you never know.

Today at lunch I walked to the one hour photo place (not Photo Haus) to buy more slide film for cross processing. I wanted Sensia 100 but they didn't have it so instead I bought Fujichrome T64 Tungsten, which I have no idea about but I'll give it a shot. I just looked at some T64 cross processed stuff on Flickr and it looks promising, so we'll see. When I was there I asked a bunch of questions about the kinds of processing they can do (looking for a Photo Haus alternative) and silently concluded that it's time I learned to develop my own film. I've heard it's not difficult, and that way I could do exactly what I want to with my film. Also when I was there I saw they had one pack left of Polaroid 600, so of course I bought it. After the one pack I got at Bi-Mart this weekend, I am now up to 9 packs in reserve in the fridge and I'm pretty sure the town is cleaned out now (*dusts hands*).

And now Francisco is here to walk me home, so I must go.




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