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Early this morning--12 something (I squinted at the clock but could only discern the 12)--I was startled awake by an unearthly keening coming from very near by. Some creature was wailing in unhappiness--OMG what could it be?! I panicked for a couple of seconds, and the cats leapt up from their resting places on the bed, prepared for battle. Esther even did a bit of deep-throated growling, like she was ready to rip someone's arm off in defense of her mama. And then, just when I was prepared to go into full freakout mode, I remembered something important: Frances was with Twyla and Lou, in Sharky's bedroom. Whew! Stand down, Adrenaline Pumping Station; we're back to Defcon 1.

Poor Frances [or should it be poor Twyla?] only cried for maybe 5 minutes off and on, and then quieted back down and slept until morning. It was not unlike the crying she did when Twyla put her down last night, except that last night's crying was exacerbated by Esther being in the room with her; something none of us knew about until Esther scratched at the door, asking to be released from that noisy place. What an awesome baby that Frances is! She's adorable and sweet and good natured and funny. She kept us amused with her attempts to crawl, which she has not mastered yet. She goes backwards and gets wedged under pieces of furniture, and if you don't think that's funny, then you just don't know, Napoleon.

France is doing really well, and the only thing she seems behind in is the crawling/walking. This is because in the orphanage, she apparently didn't get to spend any time on the floor--the babies were all put into walkers instead. That means her leg muscles are a bit underdeveloped, but she's making progress on a daily basis, and I'll be surprised if she's not at LEAST standing while clinging to furniture within a month. She can walk when her hands are being held, but the crawling still confounds her. Anyway, she's great and she seems to have decided I'm trustworthy, because she let me hold her for an extended period of time today, and I guess I'm the first woman (besides Twyla) here in the U.S. who has had that honor. She LOVES the mens, but women not so much.

I guess their visit is the main thing I have to report and everything else is just tidbits:

--In the past few days, Francisco has hung up many of our photos and pieces of art, so the house is much homier now, and it's just about ready to be seen by my parents, who will be arriving on Tuesday to bring Sharky home.

--The house next door, which had been gutted by a fire last December, was knocked down on Thursday, and that was sort of interesting to observe.


All the debris was carted away, and they dug the hole for the new foundation (to be poured on Monday) yesterday.

--A few days ago I bought Back To Work shoes; they're super cute but Francisco thinks the heel is too high for me to walk to work in them. It's only 5 blocks! I guess we can look forward to having arguments about this.

--I got a roll of slide film that I'll shoot and have cross processed as print film at my new favorite place, the Photo Haus. I've been wanting to try the cross processing for awhile, and Jessica, Photo Haus' employee of the month, gave me the final push I needed. That's the same place we took Husky Ne'er Do-Well to get it framed:

Husky Ne'er Do-Well

It's now up on the wall in the dining area, and I'm so happy to be able to see it anytime I want.

--Did I tell you I figured out what to do with the photo prints I don't want to save because they're crap? I've been putting one in each library book I return. It'll take me awhile to work through my large stack of crap pictures, but it pleases me to send them to the library, for some reason. I might start tacking them to the bulletin board downtown, too, but so far I haven't done that.

I guess that's it. I'm going to pour myself a glass of water and watch some Queer as Folk. I can hardly wait to start my new job so that I'll have exciting things to talk about.

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