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I went to the 5:15 step class at the gym again this morning; today there were 4 men in the class and 3 women. This is the first time I've seen a step class so well attended by men, and of course they had to butch it up a little. One of them would sometimes shout whatever countdown we were working on [instructor: "two more sets of eight!" shouting man: "EIGHT! SEVEN! SIX!..." and etc] and whenever the instructor told us to do an 'A-step', a couple of the men would yell "A!", for whatever reason. I enjoyed these men and their antics right up until the class was winding down and we were doing strength training stuff on the mats. We were doing this thing where you'd lay on your side, put your forearm on the mat, under your shoulder, and lift yourself up so your feet and forearm were the only thing touching the floor. Now, I could not do this. The option was to use your forearm and knee, but I couldn't really do that either--I could do it for a few seconds, awkwardly, but I couldn't hold it for the ridiculous amount of time we were supposed to hold it. Just after we were done with that, I saw two of those men laughing at something, and when the instructor asked them what was funny, they wouldn't tell her. The way they were acting suggested they were laughing at someONE, and since they had just been facing my way when I couldn't do the ...thing, whatever it's called, I thought it was highly possible they were laughing at me. A little bit [as Catie might say] it made me want to cry, but I gave myself a pep talk to say, basically, that they might not have been laughing at me, and if they Were, then who cares and they can go fuck themselves. Someday I'll be strong enough to do the thing, and then they can find something else to laugh at, the fools. And fools or no fools, I love step and I really super love how good it makesme feel for the rest of the day. Right now I feel like a million bucks.

Something that makes my day a lot better is being able to listen to the radio through my computer. My new favorite favorite favorite station (a previous favorite which has now come back around) is KEXP. The reason I like it so much is I keep a window open (minimized) on the main page of KEXP while listening to it through RealPlayer, because the site tells you what song is playing, at all times. So if I like a song, I can look at the main page and see who the artist is. Genius idea, KEXP. Kiss kiss!

I ordered some shoes tonight from Zappos, because they're cute and are on a good sale. They're raspberry red and I suspect that, as long as they fit well so I don't have to return them, I will be happy every single time I wear them, because how could I be unhappy with such bright feet? I couldn't, that's how. I have a pair of new shoes that I haven't worn yet, but I should wear them soon--they're adorable, even in a size 10. The heel is higher than I'm used to wearing, and they'll probably look best with a skirt, which I haven't worn to work yet. But at least I have now told you they're living in my closet, so don't say I never tell you anything.

Last night Francisco and I finished up the last disk of the first season of Queer as Folk. He mailed it back today and already I'm fidgeting for the next episode. Such a good show. Other than that show and soccer and the Fox Sports World Report (which talks about soccer almost exclusively), we haven't been watching very much television. Survivor's going to start back up soon though, right? I will always watch that show, no matter what.

There are some things that have happened at work that I really wish I could tell you, and in fact I've typed them out but ended up deleting before posting. This is because I've concluded it could constitute a breach of privacy to tell these things, even though I would leave off any identifying information, but that's too bad because there are some really unusual people lurking around here and they do and say some weird stuff. Reason number 107 why this job is more enjoyable than my last one.

This weekend is the county fair and rodeo. The fair has opened already, which is causing all sorts of parking problems, but it's only going to get more crowded after today. Apparently many of the residents around here open up their yards for parking during the fair/rodeo, and charge $10 per car. We won't be doing that, mind you. Even if our landlord had no objection (and he would), I think it would be far more irritating than it was worth. Anyway, we're not going to the rodeo but we want to go to the fair. Twyla and her girls are maybe/probably going to come over and go to it with us, but we're not sure yet what day they're coming over. I can't wait to see our nieces again!

Songs of the Day:

Darc Mind -- Visions of a Blur, at Analog Giant.

Staple Singers -- Slow Train, at Tuwa's Shanty and the Roots Canal.

Sufjan Stevens -- No Man's Land, at I Am Fuel, You Are Friends.

Betcha never thought you see the Song of the Day again. I am just full of surprises.

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