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Been awhile since I updated, eh Internet? This is because work has gotten super busy and I haven't been looking at you at ALL while at work, and at home I haven't felt like the updating. Baby, I am Tired. But just real quick, Francisco survived his tasing (tasering?) on Saturday. I have a picture to post on Flickr of his stomach, because the taser marks are above his belly button, spaced evenly, and basically his belly looks like a face. The taser marks are the eyes and the belly button is the mouth; it's adorable and more than a little creepy. He's got a scar below his belly button from exploratory surgery he had many years ago, after a bad car accident, and that looks like a little soul patch, which = awesome. They postponed the pepper spraying until 4/18 but the recruits had to walk through a cloud of tear gas, which I gather was not a pleasant experience. Francisco's eyes started watering (of course) and the tears burned when they rolled down his face.

As for myself, when not at work I've been doing chores and things from my list and cooking food and grocery shopping and watching television/movies. Last night we watched an old Liverpool game from 2001--the FA Cup final, against Arsenal. Internet, it was amazing to watch, because my super secret boyfriend, Sami, was in peak form, and was at that time the team captain. A couple of times the goalkeeper missed the ball and Sami cleared it from the very goal line. They won the game 2 - 1, but if not for my secret boyfriend they would've lost by at least two. I am retroactively proud of him.

On Sunday night we watched Children of Men, which was really good but very tense-making. I recommend it, though, unreservedly; if you watch it just be ready to be on the edge of your seat at times.

I hope to be able to update again later this week, but I can't promise anything. And this weekend we're going over to see Francisco's mom and family, for Easter, and I think that'll be fun though I don't relish the driving.

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