eyeballs of fire


You know how yesterday I talked about my bad eyeballs? What I didn't realize was Francisco's sister, Twyla, was getting her Lasik done, probably at the same moment I was blathering on and on about not being able to see. I knew her surgery was this month and soon, but I just didn't remember it was yesterday. It sounds like it went very well and Twyla seems very pleased with the results so far. Things are still blurry, but as I understand it, that's sort of normal at first. I'm so happy for her!

Last night when I got home I changed to pajamas, as is my way, and while Francisco was out picking Boy up from Tae Kwon Do, I just happened to be peeing in the downstairs bathroom when Toby started climbing on the screen attached to the window behind the toilet. He was out there "HEL-LO!"ing me with all of his lung power, and I was yelling, "Toby, I don't approve of this behavior!", when I heard the screen rip off the window and both cat and screen fall into the compost pile. He was not harmed, as evidenced by his reappearance on the deck and resumed howling less than a minute later, but what a nut! I don't know what he'll do during that 2 weeks we're gone--hound our cat-sitter while she's over, probably. I'll be sure and warn her in advance that we're being stalked by a maniac.

We didn't sleep well last night due to the terrible and ridiculous thunderstorms that passed through the state last night. Thunderstorms in December! Has the world gone mad? It's lucky I didn't know there was also a tornado watch last night, or I would've gotten even less sleep. Even Esther seemed a little nervous last night--she's usually pretty blase about thunderstorms (unlike Lucy who goes to ground under the bed at the first rumble), but she moved from the foot of the bed up to the top, and it seemed she wanted the comfort of being closer to our heads. I could be wrong, but whatever. Anyway, to sum up, thunderstorms bad. Make me not sleep, and no sleep give me migraine. Stupid cat!

When I was driving home from work last night I was fortunate enough to change the radio station to one where a Journey song was just starting. As you may recall, I have a weakness for Journey and love it when their songs come on the radio so I can sing along while driving. But it's a little vexing that the songs require so much falsetto, because I'm no singer and my throat gets tired from singing all those high notes. I was thinking that a person could sing Journey lyrics to completely different songs, and I think I've found a pretty good marriage between 'Don't Stop Believin' and 'Stairway to Heaven'. I mean, I haven't tried to sing it all the way through, but so far it looks promising. I don't know what I'll do with this (if anything) but it could have some future karaoke application, right?

Oh, but on sort of the same subject except a little different, you know what two songs are So good together? The Dreidel Song and It's a Small World. Seriously, you should have someone sing the Dreidel Song while you sing Small World (preferably you should do this as a round--have your friend do the Dreidel song once through and then you come in with Small World)--you'll totally see what I mean.

Yesterday I had an idea to make a film for student orientation to replace the dry speeches various people from our office give (not me though, thank dog). This morning I was thinking about it a lot when I was in a boring meeting, and I have so many fun ideas. I was talking to Francisco about it when we walked at lunch, and I was thinking about making storyboards, and then I suddenly realized that if all goes according to plan, I won't even be here for orientation next year. As much as I don't want to be here, I'm sad there's no point to making the film anymore. I mean, I could still make it, but I'm sure my boss wouldn't use it if I wasn't here to beg and plead (he might not use it even then), and of Course I'd want to be present when it was shown. So never mind, but our camera is in the mail and there are other films on the horizon.

Tonight we're going to the [gulp!] mall to do xmas shopping, and the rest of the weekend will probably involve a little more shopping, plus more tasks from the Master List and various other chores and nonsense. Think of me when you're getting a hot oil massage from your lithe young Tahitian houseboy; think of me and feel glad you are hyper-organized and have already gotten your shopping and etc done. And have a cocktail--you've earned it, you minx!

I don't know what I'm talking about, really. The brain, she's-a no workin so good today. Have a great weekend!



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