empty sac syndrome


Francisco called awhile ago to say Princess is on the front steps, waiting for me to get home. He's so cute! Poor thing--I won't be home for at least another hour; he'll be waiting awhile. When I got home yesterday he was waiting, and I gave him some treats and petted him, and a guy and his kids who were playing soccer in the cul-de-sac started talking to me about Princess, because he's their cat. Princess has a sad story; the guy rescued him and two siblings (plus two other siblings who were dead) from a PAPER BAG IN THE ROAD where someone had thrown them. Can you believe anyone would do that?? I know people do awful things, so I can believe it, but anyone who neglects to spay their cat and then drowns or otherwise callously rids themselves of the resulting kittens is a piece of shit, and if you've dumped or killed kittens, I'm talking to YOU. The guy also told me Princess ballooned up to 60 pounds [which sounds like a heinous exaggeration, but whatev] after they had him neutered*--he said Princess's belly was dragging on the ground. They put him on a strict diet and he slimmed down, but I was all, "uh oh, did they see me give Princess the treats?". I guess I should give Princess fewer treats and more pettings; he doesn't need to get all chunky again. Princess lives with two little girls and one of them is only about 3. She tried to pick him up and take him home, but she was hugging him around his front legs and he was dangling and being dragged [I really wanted to tell her to stop it, but her dad was talking to me and I didn't want to boss her in front of him]. Her sister told her to leave him alone, and the second that kid dropped Princess, he came running back to me. No wonder he looks so hunted.

If you have 1) seen Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle and 2) have been watching Survivor Palau, I have a question for you. Is it just us (Francisco, Boy, me) or is James from Survivor a less groce version of Freakshow, from Harold and Kumar? Other than James having more hair and no pulsating boils, they could be the same person. Anyone else see this or are we all on crack?

Okay, I just heard a song on my second favorite radio station that made me laugh until I cried a little. It was a Native American version of the Flintstones theme song--like with the drumming and everything? Hilarious. I did some googling, and though I can't be sure, I think it's from the Black Lodge Singers' album, 'Kids POW WOW songs'. Two thumbs up!

More work to do--please to excuse me.

*So, when I said Princess has testicles, I was wrong--he has furry little sacs his testicles used to live in. |


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