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Alright, I'm slinking back in here all sheepish-like, from a long and unplanned absence. The past couple of weeks have not been great, due to me feeling an almost constant low-level worry about whether or not I was going to get that job I interviewed for. I don't know about you, but worry never makes me feel real creative; hence the lack of writing anything. Anyway, yesterday I finally heard back from the office, and I was offered the job. The offered salary was good, so of course I accepted the job, and am very happy about it. They don't want me to start work until the 22nd, which means I have two more weeks of freedom, and now that I don't have to think about getting a job anymore, I can really enjoy the time off. I have big plans for the next couple weeks, but they're mainly big in the sense of getting a lot done and not so much in the sense of doing anything exciting.

Other than becoming employed, what I have to report is:

1) Francisco and I joined a gym last week and I'm happy about it, because the gym is well-equipped, and they have classes at 5:15 am, which will be great for after I start working. I feel so good now that we're exercising again--we're going every weekday, so far, and I can't believe I forgot how much better I feel when I exercise regularly. What is wrong with me, that I would forget how good regular exercise is?! This is a rhetorical question.

2) Sharky's grandparents are delivering him to us next Tuesday, and he's been having a great time with them. My mom's been telling me stuff like, "He's so helpful, and he's been making his bed every day!" I've been, in turn, asking her stuff like, "Are you sure that's Sharky? Did you check the yard for the POD??" I hope he keeps up these newfound good habits after he gets home.

3) Last Saturday we went to two parties--TWO. My god, what jet-setters we are becoming. The first party was at Twyla and Sonny's, and was an introduction to our new niece:

waving at Auntie Eva

I'm only posting this one picture of her, because I don't think her parents want her photos all over the internet [and psst, Twyla! If it makes you uncomfortable to have this here, let me know and I'll take it out]. Here you can see her smiling and waving at her Auntie Eva. That's Twyla she's strapped to, btw. They are both gorgeous, yes? Yes.

The second party we went to was at Bennett and Yasmine's house; it was her birthday party. Mainly what we did was, we ate crabs:

waiting to be devoured

Lots and lots of crabs.

can't talk: eating

I actually only had two crabs, but I understand some people managed four or even five--my hat's off to them.

We really liked Bennett and Yasmine's friends; they were very friendly and welcoming and a couple of their friends (Tom and Jeanie) invited us to another party, on August 19th. The theme is Monkey Madness, and costumes are encouraged. I'm considering dressing as The Man in the Yellow Hat, because Francisco doesn't want to and I'm unwilling to let the idea die. I'm so happy we've got some people to hang around with, and I only wish they lived on this side of the mountains; it would make it easier. We're sure as hell not moving over THERE--that place would make me crazy within a fortnight.

[Heh, fortnight. Oo-er, get her, she's so fancy and Britishy.]

4) Yesterday, as our celebration of my employment, we went to see Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Here is my review: Awesome, very very funny. I know some people hate Will Farrell, and would therefore surely hate the movie, but if you don't hate him and you want to see a comedy, you could not do better than this film. I was a little surprised that Trent at Pink is the New Blog hated the movie, and I know he took offense at Sacha Baron Cohen's rival driver character, for various reasons. The character Was rather over the top, but not in a way that made him look stupid or loserish. He actually came out looking like the better person, I think, especially since Will Farrell's character was such an asshole at the time the rival driver showed up. Anyway, I didn't need to write so much about this, but I laughed a lot during the movie and I like to talk about things that make me laugh, so there you go.

5) Tidbits:

--We've been watching Queer as Folk (since Sharky's not here); we're getting the disks through Netflix, and I love love love the show. Favorite character so far = Emmett.

--Yesterday I bought a remnant of funky purple and pink fabric, at the Goodwill, and I think I'm going to make a skirt out of it. I understand if you need to stop reading now, to alert CNN to this new development.

--The Thursday before last I went to that weekly knitting for charity group that meets at the library. I thought they met for an hour and a half or two hours, but apparently it's just from 5 to 6. I started a baby hat at the meeting and will finish and deliver it to them, but I'm not going to meet up with them anymore, because once I start working, I wouldn't even be able to get there until 5:30 or so, and what would be the point? Plus, the women were kind of weird, and not in the good way.

--My muscles are very sore.

--Today I'm going to order 3 or 4 exercise bras from the internet.

--I bet you wish you'd stopped reading a few tidbits ago, if not sooner.


PS This picture is representative of my mood today:

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