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Hello, Friends. Are you feeling secure in your life; perhaps borderline complacent? Are you under the impression that there aren't many active volcanoes on our planet? Then the Havaria Information Service Alert Map might be for you!

Right now there are like a ho-jillion volcanoes erupting, as well as lots of seismic activity all over the globe. AND if you order now, you will see the following epidemics featured in countries such as Argentina, Zimbabwe, Congo, China, Australia, and The Philippines:

Dengue Fever
Hemorrhagic Fever (could be Ebola)
Ebola (infected pigs in many hog farms)
Cholera (huge outbreak)
Bubonic Plague
Yellow Fever
bird flu

Okay, dispensing with the infomercial format. That site is fascinating and I'm really happy to have found it, although the epidemic info is unsettling, considering how far and how quickly illnesses can spread nowadays. I thought I would pass it along to y'all in case you hadn't seen it but would like to. That is all.




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