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We had a potluck today and someone brought elk stew, which I am eating even as I type. It's pretty delicious but I'm still considering going back to vegetarianism, as Miles has recently done. I'm not there yet, so ...... *sound effect for eating elk stew*.

The movie Twyla and I saw last night [China Blue] was quite good and has made me want to sew all my own clothing from here on out. Actually as I was watching it I was thinking about Ghandi and how he not only made his clothes but spun the cotton for them as well, but I just don't have the time to make actual cloth. I was also thinking about Baby Frances during the movie, because the factory was in Sichuan Province, which is where she was born. Factually speaking, as an orphan she would have been lucky to get a job at that factory (if she had not been adopted), but still it's a terribly hard life and I'm so grateful she's here now and will have so many more options. Anyway, everyone should watch this film, I think. We all know (if we're being honest with ourselves) that things made in China are made in sweatshop conditions, but it's a whole other thing to see what that's like. I can imagine worse lives--the workers in that particular factory at least had food to eat and a safe place to sleep--but they're still being treated like they have no value.

If you get an email from a site called Yaari, whatever you do don't sign up at it. I got an email telling me that one of my favorite people in the whole world wanted me to sign up, and since I will do absolutely anything for her, I signed up. However, even though I told the site NOT TO DO IT, it sent a spam email to everyone in my hotmail contacts list telling them I wanted them to sign up. Considering there are one or two people on that list that I would prefer never to speak to again (old boss, I'm looking at you), I was somewhat enraged and had to send them all an email apologizing. However, some of the people on my list who I haven't talked to in awhile emailed me to say hi, and that's a good thing, so I'm less enraged now. But still kind of pissed. The End.

Still excited about The House, and for some reason I'm fixating on the small sun porch off the back of the house. It's screened but there are also plexiglass panels that can be installed/removed as the weather dictates, so we could theoretically sit out there even in winter, and I'm envisioning ways to make it all cozy and whatnot. Except our big idea is to put the cat box out there (will put a cat flap in the door), so maybe that will keep it from being a nice place to hang out. We'll have to see. I'm going to the inspection with Francisco on Saturday morning and will take pictures of the house so you can see it, provided the inspection comes back relatively good. The current owner is an electrician, so I'm hoping at some point he got the yen to rewire the place and went ahead with it. Okay, no more talking.

Photo of the Day: Cykel Chaos.

Tonight I'm going to make some sort of dinner and vacuum the floor and make another exchange ornament (maybe two). Probably I will also go to the library to return The Girls Who Went Away [Twyla, note correct title] and get something else to read. I just don't know, but I do know that tonight is a time to accomplish things, especially since I don't think there's anything good on Tivo.




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