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"You may spend your day looking in the rearview mirror, Eva. But you won't be looking to see if anyone is following you, but rather looking back at the long road you have traveled over the last few months. Is it possible you let a good opportunity pass you by, Eva? If you aren't entirely satisfied with your life or your career at the moment, you might want to try to go back in time to look for that promise you made to yourself about personal fulfillment, and grab it!"

This is my horoscope for today, and I'm afraid it's a little too vague for me. I've had a lot of thoughts about personal development things that I wanted to do, and so far I've followed through on very few of them. After some pondering, though, I've decided this horoscope pertains to my dropping the ball on the toy piano performance art idea, and I'll try to remember to get right on that.

The bathroom on our floor of the building (at work) is grocing me out so bad lately. Pretty much every time I go in there something nasty has happened with at least one of the toilets [something nasty = no flush or someone sprinkled, or--god forbid--there's a smear of poo across one of the seats: that happens far, FAR too often], or it smells like someone's unwashed butt. This morning I went in there and straight back out because one of the toilets was unflushed and it reeked in there. I went up to the next floor and used that bathroom, and it was much nicer, which I've noted is always the case up there. The first floor bathroom smells of malice and weakness, but that second floor bathroom smells like sunshine and the meowing of happy kittens. Why is that, I wonder? Maybe there's some kind of bathroom guardian angel up there--let's just say that's it.

Twyla and family went home today, unfortunately. They took Shark and I out to dinner last night and it was a good time, plus I had some delicious soup which was probably cream-based [and therefore didn't go so well with the tiny food plan], but the bowl wasn't super huge or anything, so I think it was fine. We got ice cream from the Safeway on the way home (none for me, thanks!) and sat around for awhile watching the kids play with Sharky--they LOVE him. Lou, in particular, worships the ground he walks on; it's Awesome. So, anyway, a good visit with them and I'm stoked to have them move over here, even though they're not sure exactly when that's going to be. Probably this summer, and hopefully before the Dachshund parade, which is in June.

This Weekend:

Tonight: Home for dinner with my mens. I told Francisco not to allow me to have even a bite of dinner without doing sit-ups, because I forgot to do them this morning. I also didn't go to the gym this morning, but I'm going to take a long walk tomorrow morning and maybe gym it on Sunday afternoon.

Tomorrow: I have to be at work from 10 til about 2, because there's an open house and the office is open for the people visiting that. Before the open house, Francisco and I will watch the Liverpool game, and after, who knows, but something.

Sunday: Francisco has Police training, and in fact will get pepper sprayed that day, so he'll be gone and I'll do chores and food shopping and cook dinner, but nothing spicy! I also intend to get some reading done; I have a book to finish and a book to start.

That impending yarn store is getting stocked and it is going to be NICE! I've been peering in the windows every time I pass by there, and I can hardly wait until it opens. May 1st is the day, according to the sign--I'll be there after work, if not on my lunch hour. The yarns are, from what I can tell, GORGEOUS. They are surely pricey, as well, but I'll concentrate on small projects with those and get my bigger projects yarn from Elann.com.

That's enough rambling for one day, I figure. Have a great weekend!




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