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Ouch, my muscles. Francisco and I actually got up early this morning and went to the gym--this is surprising only because we had not managed a Monday morning since we started back at the gym. Lots of creative excuses and staying in bed on Mondays; that's been our thing up until today. We went to bed early last night and therefore were rested and had no excuse. And it was good--the usuals were there: God Boy, Daisy Mae, Jason 2, Vice Principal, Jeremy Northam, and his friend who we've decided shall be called Otto. There were a few others there who I haven't mentioned because I haven't given them names yet--I'll get right on that. Anyway, what I would like to tell you, in addition to the big Going To The Gym thing, is that I dreamt this morning, just before I woke up, that I was eating cookies. I was eating them one after another and not getting full, and I knew I should stop eating cookies, but I didn't stop. I think I must've eaten about 100, and I woke up feeling groce until I managed to recall that it was only a dream. I told this dream to my coworker this morning and she said she'd had a friend in high school who used to dream she'd eaten things, and then it turned out she had (whole cakes, pizzas, etc). She was a sleepwalker/sleepeater, and she gained a lot of weight before getting some kind of sleep clinic help. I'm definitely a sleepwalker (though I rarely do it anymore) but to my knowledge I've never eaten anything while sleepwalking. And I know I didn't sleepeat cookies last night, because we didn't have any.

If you have Netflix, you should put Firefly on it. That show was so fecking brilliant, everyone should see it. Something I didn't realize about Firefly when it was on television (because I didn't even hear about it until it had already been cancelled) was that it aired on Friday nights, and not every Friday night, just sporadically, so there was little opportunity for it to build a fanbase. It was doomed from the start, which is very sad since it's such an amazing show. I am forcing a coworker to watch it (she is not averse to the idea, so "forcing" is an exaggeration) and hopefully she'll like it, because I want to start converting people now so they'll see 'Serenity' (the Firefly movie) after it opens on April 22. I brought my coworker disk one, and hopefully she'll be requesting disk two before next weekend. Anyway, I repeat my original statement that you should put Firefly on your Netflix list, and soon. It has a 5 star rating at Netflix, just so you know I'm not lying when I say how good it is.

Huh, I just noticed that my last entry is dated January 3, 1970. That's odd, since I wasn't even 3 years old then, but whatever.

We did some stuff this weekend, but nothing unusual. Chores, reading, a little shopping--stuff like that. I checked out a book from the library about careers in radio, so I could look into what to do to become a radio DJ. I bought some shirts for me and costumes for the Princess Lou. Boy got new shoes--Converse All Star hightops; blue with red stitching. He loves them and would sleep in them if we'd let him. He has his first cross country meet today--he was supposed to have two meets last week, but one was cancelled due to rain and the other was cancelled due to flooding. I hope he enjoys the competition, because so far he's enjoying being on the team.

Last night I made dinner--can you believe it? I haven't cooked dinner (unless you count grilled cheese sandwiches) for such a long time. And I made something really easy (Thai red coconut curry with chicken, eggplant, and green pepper), but still, I feel it was a small accomplishment. I should start cooking once or twice a week, to try and remember how, because after we move (whenever that is) I hope to work half or 3/4 time, which would mean I would do most of the cooking. I hope that works out, because that would be nice for me.

I'm feeling so uninspired today. Signing off now.


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