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Two things to report today: 1) We finally got confirmation that we can rent the house in Ellensburg that we want. Apparently the woman Francisco had been corresponding with has been ill, but her husband wrote us back with a commitment to rent us the house. He said the washer/drier setup is for stacked machines only but if we bring our refrigerator (which we had offered to do) he will get a stacked washer/drier for house, because currently it doesn't have them. And I guess he wanted to rent the house for $750 per month and his wife accidentally told us $700, but because she did, he's going to let us have it for $700. In his email he said, "I think that you will like the house and it should be very adequate for three people and two cats. The location is excellent in proximity to the campus and shopping. The neighborhood seems quiet for the most part except for laborday weekend when the Rodeo comes to town." Hoo boy I can hardly wait for the rodeo! I might be annoyed with it in a matter of hours, but it should be a fun novelty for a little while at least.

2) I guess this isn't really something to report, per se, but I wanted to tell you the only good thing about having to pack up all our stuff is that Francisco has been going around to liquor stores every Friday for a couple of months, so that now we have an enormous stack of boxes (broken down, currently) that are booze-themed. Whoever we get to help us load and unload our truck is going to think we're total alcoholics, and obviously that rules.

Thank dog it's almost time to go home, because I'm tired of work this week, and Monday is one of the scheduled days for potential students and their parents to visit the campus. We have walk-in hours on the visiting days, so Monday should be absolute hell on earth and I can't say I'm looking forward to it. What I AM looking forward to is seeing my sis tomorrow, provided her poor Non isn't sick with the flu or something. Other than visiting them tomorrow, the only items on the weekend agenda are cleaning and doing stuff to the house and etc to get it ready to sell. I also intend to do a lot of work on Francisco's sweater, once I reread the instructions just one more time, to make sure I really know what I'm doing. I like to try new things, but sometimes it makes me nervous too.

So I guess that's it, and I have to go send one email and make one phone call before leaving work. Have a good weekend!

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